Excerpt – Covert Action in Chile

Church Hearings Report, volume 7, exhibit 1, chart of expenditures by technique, Covert Action in Chile

Expenditures in Chile, 1963-1973
(to nearest $100,000)


Propaganda for Elections and Other Support for Political Parties $8,000,000

Producing and Disseminating Propaganda and Supporting Mass Media $4,300,000

Influencing Chilean Institutions (labor, students, peasants, women) and Supporting Private Sector Organizations $900,000

Promoting Military Coup d’état Less than $200,000

Somewhere there is a similar list today, except of course instead of Chile the country is the United States of America and the numbers are considerably higher. Whether it’s discrediting and provoking police action against occupy, promoting racism, sexism and other bigotry, pretending to stop terrorism, drugs, weapon trade, etc. on American soil and against US interests abroad while secretly running it, discrediting and assassinating organizations and individuals deemed threatening to the military industrial complex and its bastard children in security, surveillance and covert ops, it’s all there. It’s not isolated, it’s a concerted effort, planned and funded and self-taught through various similar operations aimed abroad.


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