Top Secret America Operative Psychological Profile


I figure there are three general types involved actively in destroying America on the field level. Naturally, the motives for the people doing the heavy lifting have different motives than those who order and ignore what they do. It takes several ignored and neglected problems at once to make a perfect s*** storm, such as we have today.


“Who cares?”

This dude or dudette is is your typical see-it-all type. He has seen good co-workers get destroyed over stupid s*** and seen the worst of the lot get promoted, rewarded and, once they take a walk out the revolving door, become wealthy. She is jaded, pessimistic and thinks at times that the human race is a waste of space.

So why not do whatever you can to make some other schmuck’s life a living hell? You’re being paid for it, Congress doesn’t want to know what you’re really doing (even though they clearly have an inkling) and it’s one of your only joys in life seeing someone even more miserable than you and even less deserving of punishment.

This type might wind up an interrogator, planner of disrupting First Amendment activities, infiltrating and discrediting groups dedicated to protecting Americans, or other sorts of ops. That they are not allowed much in the way of personal relationships, so they are usually closest to their targets, living vicariously through them until they manage to make the target’s life so hellish that the thought of that becomes abhorrent.

‘Balding’ is likely this type. Probably, he secretly hates his superiors, Congress, humans in general due to having seen so much of their scumbagginess, but has done so much illegal stuff that he is essentially blackmailed into being a slave of the broken system, and so continues as an evil clown.

The Disaffected is usually smart enough to realize exactly how broken and f***ed up things are. He or she may retreat into alcohol and multiple meaningless sex partners in order to escape thinking about it for a time.


“It gets better, right?”

This person is likely younger, a college graduate, and less experienced than the Disaffected. He or she decided on this hellish profession without realizing exactly how much it truly sucks for anyone who actually cares about their country and fellow human as much as the Dupe did when seeking employment. The surprises just keep coming and the Dupe begins to wonder how the Disaffected trainer, manager, or partner has survived if it’s always been this screwed up. He has yet to completely grasp how the Disaffected thinks. She laughs at the Jarhead’s jokes (see below) but a little uneasily.

The Dupe is on one of several paths. Becoming a Disaffected is one. Quitting or finding a job in a less screwy related field is another. It is unlikely that the Dupe will become a Jarhead due to having on average fifteen to twenty points of IQ over him.

Anthony is likely this kind. Well-meaning to some degree but all too willing to please his superiors and about as possible of fighting the system at a German guard at Auschwitz. She doesn’t sleep a lot, but being young, overworked and constantly fed phony reports about his fellow citizens, he rarely has time to stop and think about it.

In the rare times he does, he probably thinks he can change things for the better while going along to get along. When he realizes that that belief is a lie he tells himself, he will likely already be a Disaffected.


“That’s our flag!”

The Jarhead believes “my country, right or wrong.” Since he or she believes this, there is little point in wondering which category anything he is asked to do happens to fall under. He likes to see people in pain, it gives him a feeling of power and accomplishment. He will do whatever the hell he is told without question.

He has been taught that anyone who is not white, male, straight, American, conservative and Christian is not to be trusted and in fact is the enemy. Therefore he makes no bones whatsoever about what is asked. The idea that much of what he is asked to do only profits a few, the notion that what made his country great was the notion of rights for all, the idea that the more harsh and depraved and less professional and humane he acts actually makes his country less safe are all completely lost on him.

One day, he will be working side-by-side with robots and Dupes that have had their behaviors modified (“zombies”). He won’t notice the difference.

The Jarhead is the most likely person to be on the other end of the voice-to-skull device. His training makes up for his lack of intelligence and he is well-trained. He probably hates “fags”, liberals, etc. so using it gives him a feeling of personal satisfaction while also giving him the “doing God’s will” high that suicide bombers get just before blowing themselves and others up.

Jarheads can be older and the man who was illegally spying on Scahill’s apartment in November of 2009 likely fits the bill.

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