Joe Senator v Body Guards

Though I dislike repeating myself, it’s on the news today because of the hearings and therefore I’m going to hit it again.

Reminder: when Nixon went to Russia to negotiate the SALT treaty, limiting the number of nuclear weapons thar the US and USSR had, the entire entourage, including the Secret Service, were dosed with LSD. I think it’s probably common knowledge among the older Secret Service agents that it was CIA who was responsible. The excuses, of course, are that it somehow hurt national security. The real reason had, of course, to do with the money rolling in for whichever contractor(s) built and maintained the devices.

Similar with the Cartagena scandal. Lieberman said something along the lines of, “I cannot believe that twelve agents simply spontaneously decided to do this.”

There we agree. I don’t believe that either. Take a look again at “Magnets and the Moral Compass.” It’s quite possible to, electronically, throw the whole decision-making process right out the window.

Further, it’s always been CIA who has been on the forefront of brainhacking. Where electronics and engineering are concerned, it’s always been NSA. This current wave of stuff is both.

The Church Committee hearings point out that NSA had (and still has one assumes) the most advanced computer systems in the world. Therefore, these two are the primary suspects. When you are flagrantly and blatantly defying the C-in-C, one of the steps you take is attacking the bodyguards. It’s that simple and it’s an old story. Obvious, really. The hearings are attempting to expand this all into a full investigation of the Secret Service (I note also that USSS used to be part of the Treasury Department but got moved into DHS after the latter’s creation).

The other news meme I heard this morning is that only 60% of agents surveyed said that they would report coworkers for misbehavior. Only 60%? That’s high. I suspect a lot higher than the “blue wall” one would find in NYPD or LAPD. That’s over half.

Some portion of the other 40%, one assumes, has seen s*** like this morning’s kangaroo court lead by Joe Lieberman (chairman of the DHS committee). DHS and more specifically ICE is running around acting like the Federal government’s version of the KKK and of course this sleazebag is instead making hay over a black op carried out by another agency or pair of agencies. No wonder they wouldn’t want to let the crooks on the Hill use them for political gain and posturing (especially given the boost in commerce in the prostitution sector whenever one or the other party has events in Washington).

Additionally, the Republicans see it as a chance to paint Obama as misogynist via guilt by association because in part of the nature of the scandal involving female prostitutes. It’s a stretch, but when did that stop Karl Rove?

Because this is Bizarro-America, look for Obama’s team to throw Secret Service under the bus. It’s easier than trying to do the right thing it seems, to appeal to the lowest common denominator: the FOX news watcher.

We have torture, assassinations, removal of civil liberties, NSA treating all Americans as criminals (except for those who actually are), creating of homegrown terrorism by those whose job it is to combat it, and rampant interference with the democratic process, all of that on US soil, and this is what these criminals concentrate on. It’s surreal. It’s why things are screwy. It’s why things aren’t overall getting better. It’s such a large problem that while on the one hand one can see why some folks don’t want to deal with it, but on the other it’s a very dangerous level of denial to think it can continue and anything good come of it.

It’s the new gold rush, causing problems and then strong-arming the tax payer into paying the same damn people for the fix. The more it undermines security, the larger the piece of the pie they consume. There is only one way to stop it and prevent it from continuing: making examples.

Finally, I can see why NSA has gotten so badly out of control. Senator Tower, in an effort to protect NSA’s methods and sources (as part of the Red Scare, as I’ve said replaced now with Isalmophobia) kept them from getting hit hard. They made excuses (only two bad things in all those years).

The revolving door is another problem. Why should/would Congress legislate that out of being when they stand to profit off of it themselves, stand to gain campaign contributions from the same former CIA and NSA agents who went into the intel/security contractor business?

The optimistic view is that they don’t know how much damage it is doing to the country as a whole. The pessimistic view is that they know but they don’t care. I’m not feeling terribly optimistic these days.


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