Just a Smear

Raw Story – DOD Contractor Admits to Doing Smear Campaign on two journalists, their employer USA Today

Leonie Industries is a relatively small company that specializes in cyber operations, intelligence analysis, psychological operations, and counter-IED explosives operations.

After reporting on the company, the two journalists were targeted by a online disinformation campaign apparently meant to destroy their reputation. Fake Twitter and Facebook accounts were created in their name, along with websites that purported to be owned and operated by them. Comments quickly sprung up on message boards, Yahoo! answers, Wikipedia, and blogs criticizing the two reporters’ investigation of Leonie Industries. Some comments even suggested the two journalists worked for the Taliban.

Similar to the PsyOps that were run on the US Senate and the other instances that have been noted of attempting to sway opinion with lies. It’s the fact that those who order and do this sort of thing know that lies are required to succeed that lets you know their true arguments are neither valid nor persuasive.

That they also have had problem paying their taxes (but taking yours) is humorous…and telling.


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