Agent Buzz and the Hashishin

Posting these mostly for bookmarking purposes. The idea of making troops more aggressive is in my view, however, one of current interest. Like with mind control programs, one can imagine some tit-for-tat where enhancing the rampage is concerned (even if one makes s*** up about the enemy’s capabilities and use of it to justify internally doing it ourselves).

Defense Tech – Rumor of insurgents, etc. using drugs to enhance combat abilities. BZ was a likely candidate. The article is from 2005 (note the “we’ll find those WMDs in Iraq yet” blurb, but also in fairness the facts surrounding some real intel estimates about Iraq’s BZ program). Basson does, however, sound like he knows his subject even if he lied about what occurred in Iraq (the Geocities link is broken so not sure about what exactly he was alleging for Desert Storm).

Etymology of Assassin – because I always thought that was correct as well. Not so apparently (though, as the trend in the sex trade turned from cash to drugs for sex, one can imagine a similar trend in drugs for criminal favors). Note the Marco Polo writing about convincing potential shadow warriors that they have visited Paradise. Sounds like brainwashing to me.


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