THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – They Wouldn’t Do That (Updated)

Note first that I started on the topic of accidentally and purposely induced substances that may produce suicidal tendencies two days ago. That’s the 26th.

On the 16th, unknown to me for some reason, my more recent ex sent me a message on Facebook. I never saw a notification in my app which is what I use daily, only saw the message in a browser last night.

The reason I wound up seeing it in a browser last night is the app of course does not allow the viewing of non-friend’s status and feeds. For that, you have to go to a browser and to the page directly (and you only see what the user has made public, to non-FB-friends). However, the message should have shown up in notifications anyway.

Recall also my references to my previous, longterm ex and his worse-than-when-his-mother-passed-away depression (which again, I said was nearly catatonic) in January of 2010.

On the 15th, this same more recent ex changed his main photo on FB to the Golden Gate Bridge (see subsection on suicides). He messaged me on the 16th and obviously, not having seen it, I did not respond until last night.

Additionally, his status since last Friday night at nearly midnight has been a link to methods of suicide.

Finally, why did I check his page in the first place? Because someone (via voice-to-skull or a similar method) kept prompting me to do so. I finally caved last night and that was what I found.

Though I expect he is alive (wishful thinking? Delusion?) I am of course still concerned.

I mean, why wouldn’t they? These people commit treason, take a piss on the Constitution, etc. on a daily basis. So why not?

It’s so strange. Such simple ways to settle this but some kind of blindspot prevents it, I suppose. So smart and so dumb…

Though I expect by now there are some smart readers of this blog wondering why I’m not dead. Do they want something? Maybe. Don’t know what it is and cannot very well provide it without knowing, can I? Maybe it’s as simple as not wasting resources and the fervent belief that any day now their repetitive attacks will at last succeed. Maybe it’s because they are opposed by others who take a dim view of creating domestic terrorism even when it’s ordered by someone with a lot of brass.

In any case, I think I need to reiterate something: they are not reasonable. Been there, done that many, many times. All attempts were not only refused but confused for weakness and the harassment intensified. How can you expect a “live and let live” philosophy from people like that? You can’t. It’s delusional to try to hold on to the “we all mean well” bulls***. There clearly are people who do not mean well.

In any case, if my ex reads this he should at least think of a night caught out in the ice and text me, call me, or email me, because I’m not your enemy. And I’ll always be thankful for the proper intro into Doctor Who in any case. That was one thing we could agree on.

UPDATE: See a change in FB status. Danke schön, Eure Majestät. 🙂


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