Interesting Medical Discovery About Morgellons

As is mentioned somewhere on this blog, the second or third actress to develop odd symptoms at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, Cheryl Williams in 1990, was diagnosed with Lyme disease. There is apparently something called Morgellons disease which had for some time been called a delusional disease by some doctors the CIA, who accused patients of self-mutilation, while others blamed it on all sorts of chemicals. Seems it is biologically based perhaps related to Lyme, has no apparent connection to the chemicals that were accused of being the cause and the lesions are not self-inflicted (they have been observed to originate under the skin).

26 March 2019 update. Dead link above. New article / study.

A House Divided

Two examples of the kinds of things that go on behind the scenes, that show that differences of opinion occur inside various government bodies and how which wins over can have lasting repercussions.

Military Channel – Assault on Waco – Though interesting and pertinent in the sense of the debate (or lack of one) regarding paramilitary use on American soil against US citizens, that’s not my point. It’s the rift between the negotiators and those advocating force that I’m referring to.

Additionally, the similarity between Waco and Jonestown (click the tag word for my thoughts on that and the CIA and radical rightwing connections it had) is even brought up in the show. The fact that it ended similarly is also an interesting point. Karesh likely took an “is Paris burning?” stance at the end that he and his deputy saw to personally. Waco played heavily into Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of a federal building and other radical acts and movements that grew in the US afterwards.

What if that was the idea? Yep. NKINTRA again. Research in Jonestown indirectly leads to drones patrolling the skies of the United States and the surveillance state.

The other is the truth (it says) behind the Fast & Furious scandal. As much as it pains me to defend Eric Holder, I’m more interested in the truth than withholding it because the DoJ cannot or will not, for example, catch one f***ing arsonist.

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal. Note the strange taunts that occur via email and paper left on doors. Note how divided an already very troubled agency was.

Note how all of it plays into the hands of, for example, banks who launder drug money, weapons manufacturers, and the intel apparatuses and subcontractors that cooperate with both at the expense of the public and these other agencies. Same story, different players, different president, different scandal.

Believe me, I hate to defend people who won’t, for example, take the gloves off when dealing with terrorists within the system itself. All that talk about taking a hard line is only when it’s brownskinned Muslims or the sock puppets these people use for their black ops. To actually go after the root of the problem? No. All of these scandals (throwing in the Secret Service scandal as well) are nothing compared to the awful truth hiding in other places, CIA and DoD. Torture, fake suicides of whistleblowers, false-flag attacks, domestic surveillance for political purposes, targeting Americans with harassment, etc.

But then I’m biased having been tortured so long (yes, still) by these people. There comes a point where you just don’t care about the excuses, financial, political, etc. It’s going to rip the country apart if it doesn’t stop. It undermines stability and democracy. How is anything more important than that? A little sunshine and fresh air of exposing corruption will do us some good. Exposing the electronic (and pharma) forms of behavioral modification and harassment especially will unite some folks who really need to be united, not divided by petty squabbles, the flames of which are being stirred up surreptitiously by others who are profiting off of it. (I mean, what’s Wikileaks to Bank of America anyway?).

The CIA-News-Network

I had thought this merely mildly amusing when I saw the first and then the second email alerts from CNN yesterday:



“Ok,” I thought, “someone got reamed for sending out the wrong pre-prepped email. Funny because it happened to a godawful news network who lives off of war, death and lies, but not a big deal otherwise.”

I was wrong. The entire goddam network screwed it up: BuzzFeed Politics – CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage.

What I find so amusing now is, what really happened? The clowns who run that place clearly thought they knew the answer before it was read. CNN wanted to be first by pretending to figure it out as it happened.

Manufactured news from the home of Interned-at-CIA Anderson Cooper, who, on Real Time with Bill Maher once stated that “Everyone thought Saddam Hussein had WMDs, so why ask questions before the invasion?” (which had been refuted on his own f***ing channel by WMD inspector and brainhacking / NKINTRA victim Scott Ritter, though of course they cut Ritter off mid-sentence to go to Condoleeza “No One Could Have Imagined Anyone Would Fly Planes Into the WTC * ” Rice saying the opposite).

They thought that they knew the answer. That’s a glimpse direct viewing of the Wizard behind the curtain.

This was once known as MOCKINGBIRD, CIA’s program of planting stories and running reporters as operatives (much as the US Naval intelligence did Bob Woodward). Wonder what went wrong?

* Except for the entire intel community, Richard Clarke, Tom Clancy and X-Files/Lone Gunmen creator Chris Carter.

Bath Salt Zombie Update

TIME – Pot, Not ‘Bath Salts’, Cited in Face Chewing

May 2014 Update: Link broken. Use this:

Of course that headline and the title of this post are a little misleading. They found marijuana but not the synthetic drug referred to as ‘bath salts’ in the man’s system. The coroner said he covered as much ground as possible in terms of testing but acknowledges it is nearly impossible to check for all of them. And I assume it goes without saying that pot alone is very likely not the cause of the man’s behavior (Reefer Madness was a propaganda turned exploitation piece that misrepresented the violent nature of pot-only smokers. A topic that still seems to frighten some folks).

So what was it? Can’t think it’s yet possible to do that electronically. When it is, we’ll know rather quickly. Some of us probably uncomfortably so. Wonder if someone eats a few members of Congress if that would get some legislation on electronic harassment.

Yeah, I know…even a crazed person wouldn’t eat something that rotten.

See the Zombies tag for previous posts about this and the 1950s Pont-St.-Esprit event.

License Plate Triggers (Updated)

This is not going to be quite as dramatic as I’d hoped. I was waiting on permission to use another TI’s photo of a license plate to show the similarities in experiences. But as I told that person, I understand why they preferred not to give permission. The meaning of the TI’s photo, however, is similar to mine. Very, very similar.

This is another “get inside the head of a TI” post and is therefore longish.

First, I have to go back to 1990. After the young female intern Kara Miller was targeted by the CIA for harassment, she started writing down graffiti, signs, license plate numbers, and other experiences in composition books. I was shocked when I saw that she had many of them completely filled. She was, she thought, collecting evidence against the actor (T. Ryder Smith) from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival she thought responsible. As it turned out, he was also a target but had a very different way of coping. I expect he figured out what was going on before the rest of us as well. As I have written here many times, the “rip cord” on the whole NJSF experience was to apparently pit me against him, provoke, I assume, one of us against the other and hope that the result was one dead, one in prison or both dead. A cover-up in order to avoid having their illegal activities looked into again.

So. I was quite aware of the intern’s experiences when I found myself glancing at license plates as well in December of 2009. And graffiti. And puzzling out names as if they were anagrams. Weird state of mind that was. I’m not sure exactly when it ended. I still look occasionally, but I think that’s largely reflex, conditioning.

Also, you’ll have to recall the incident, just about five or six days before the Squidgate sentencing hearing, this was April 2010, when I awoke that morning, reached up to my head, noticed that my hair felt dry and brittle like a corpse’s, and found it falling out in clumps. What I didn’t include in that original accounting was what I was thinking.

This is a prime example of just how illogical my thinking was at the time…at times. My first thought (which simply had to be forced on my by voice-to-skull) was that the loss of my hair meant that there was no way that that dude from the deli visit in January (whom I thought to be a friend or relative of Peter’s) could possibly love me having gone all ‘Balding.’ That was it, it was suicide. No point in continuing without this person over whom I was brainwashed.

Before I could actually start contemplating how I was to do myself in, I recalled a thought I had had weeks previous. They had run me through a nightmare scenario (I suppose playing off of my comic book knowledge, in this case Batman’s enemy Twoface) where the dude from the deli got disfigured by acid. Again, it turns out that this is standard OS stuff, but I didn’t even know OS existed at the time.

I had initially found that scenario horrific of course, but realized that I would love him anyway, even disfigured. So, I further decided that he would–this love was far too intense to not be ‘meant to be’–do the same despite the hair loss. But I bought some stuff after the sentencing heating to try to restore it anyway:


With mixed results. Didn’t need the other NKINTRA harassment to try to make me feel like I was turning werewolf with that stuff. Hair in places I’d never imagined…

Anyway, the point was that on September 1, 2011, a car in front of my apartment peeled out and, of course, I could not miss the license plate. (Check my Facebook feed for that day).

It struck me as a reminder of the acid “threat”. I started wondering, having imagined already he was a grad student, did he work with chemicals? A photographer maybe? (No. As I wrote in the previous post, either a dupe or an operative of some kind).

It was some days later, maybe in October, when the same car was parked again in front of my place, this time engine running, lights on, no one in the driver’s seat, that I managed to snap a photo of the plate:


Now it’s also important to know that I had suspected the dude was 22 when he came into the deli. However, that too was a “guided” thought. That was in fact one of the first times I knew my head was being mucked with externally…the thoughts that ran through, some of them, were not what I would have been thinking under normal circumstances.

And of course, HCL (or HCl) is hydrochloric acid. *

Ergo, keep up the blogging, and we’ll hurt your object of affection. (Of course that is crap, they started this without any blogging at all and were responsible for that brainwashing to begin with).

So, what really happens in a scenario with a car like that?

First, the TI has been drugged (as I’ve said, that could be an actual drug, some kind of pathogen, or an electronic form of brain disturbance) resulting in faulty logic. See memo, item 1.

Next, the license plates are chosen, probably by computer. Do a mix and match from a list of keywords, hot button stuff, triggers. Find a matching car by address proximity. Use voice-to-skull to ensure that the driver of the car and the TI wind up in the same vicinity at the same time.

Then, when the car and TI are near each other, make sure, again via voice-to-skull (I use that generically to refer to the electronic brainhacky thing) that the TI notices the license plate and interprets it the way they want. See the MK-Ultra memo item 6, materials that make hypnotism easier.

Then they hit you with “dread” via EMF or whatever. The license plate may not be as disturbing on its own as it seems. The feeling might be separate and also remotely, electronically induced. Look around at the patents and articles I’ve mentioned here. Emotional manipulation is quite possible electronically.

I pause here again to remind folks that the expense is at the American tax payer’s and that these people do this at least in part because they enjoy it. Not expensive to them and provides pleasure for some really sick f***ers. This comes under “training” and surely we agree that training exists and we know damn well assassins do since there was an (at least) short-lived assassination contract with Blackwater to take out Al Qaeda members.

There is an alternate explanation for noticing license plates, but my limited testing of it suggests what I wrote above. The alternative is that TIs are constantly noticing all license plates all the time and only become conscious of it when it holds some special meaning, serves as a trigger. There may be some connection to “heightened awareness”, I suppose.

However, I never looked consciously at every license plate that passed by. I cannot know for sure what’s going on unconsciously, of course, but let’s recall that this car was in front of my apartment. Twice. Peeled out once, left unattended once.

Second, I tested this at least twice. After seeing a piece of graffiti that I found disturbing one day for whatever reason, I stopped and looked around. I counted something like 19 distinct pieces of graffiti and yet I only stopped and looked at one and it turned out to be the only one that I found disturbing. I did the same with license plates. Made myself look at every one after one that was “scary” and found nothing at all disturbing about the subsequent ones.

Now, that is a very, very complicated path to explaining how one license plate got my adrenaline flowing. Can you see why it’s difficult for a person who has been drugged, harassed, frightened, to calmly explain how they arrived at the conclusion that a license plate holds special meaning for them? Can you see why it is so effective at undermining credibility because it is so personal that only the TI and the psychological warfare folks can understand it? Can you see why TIs in turn get frustrated and depressed? This is also what contributes to the “them” thing. “If people aren’t as concerned as I am about that thing I just saw, well they must be in on it,” says the drugged brain. The psyops team didn’t need to guess what I was thinking because they did the thinking for me. It’s the magic trick again, making the order and causes of events seem other than they are.

Can you see why the intel community is in need of a serious attitude adjustment?

Finically, I have, on this journey, met a few actual schizophrenics, delusional people, people with real mental illness. There is a stark contrast between saying “My mother is Madonna” or “I’m the lead singer of Rammstein and my brain was switched at birth” and…

The Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense are covering up illegal activities because Congress failed to slap them hard enough in the 70s and has failed ever since to provide adequate oversight, especially after 9-11 (but clearly prior in at least 1989 and 1990 as well).

That’s it. A psyop explained (and a rather common one since it also applies to graffiti, songs, signs, etc. and further how they destroy relationships).

* I am reminded by voice “Not-Pete” that HCl is actually not that powerful. Sulfuric acid would be more likely employed. First, it’s strange I did not recall that myself seeing how long ago that picture was taken and further proof that there just wasn’t a better license plate in Minneapolis nearby to choose from and that it wasn’t “me” doing the thinking.

More Assassin Training

This is sort of an “in passing” post. I’m actually working on another explanation post regarding an organized stalking phenomenon, that of triggers * (specifically license plates), but in thinking about that and the utter uselessness of the FBI unless it is fetching some CEO coffee, I recalled the news story below.

(Quick side note. * A trigger is basically a symbol or other thing like a song that holds a special, typically disturbing, meaning to the TI. This is one of the things that tends to undermine their credibility because when they say, “Look! A chicken! You see? You see?!?” other people, not having had the conditioning that the intel community has put the TI through, do not see. At all. It’s a method that goes back to both items 1 and 5 of the 1955 draft MK-Ultra memo: undermining credibility and mimicking known diseases, in this case, mental illness such as a beginning psychoses going into schizophrenia).

This story was widely publicized. There were many theories. There are a few reasons I recall it.

First, I did hear about it at some point either from the web or TV, though at that point, the link seemed to be the interstate that the victims all seemed to be near. They were mostly Midwest and the NYC one was not included (note that Minneapolis in 2002 is included).

Second, I think that there were some attempts to make a smiley face a trigger for me. I suppose I was too dense to pick up on it or maybe the Comedian’s blood-spattered pin was just too iconic to make room for some other connotation.

Third, because the victims of these crimes are all young men who drowned, I was reminded of these crimes (again, think Ophelia) via voice-to-skull at some point in Minneapolis in order to further disturb me where the operative or dupe who showed up in that deli on January 3, 2010. Recall, there was a jumper in Minneapolis in June 2010 and I only found out because of a power outage in my building (that post was written when I was still doing them in third person, thinking hilariously that I might be able to salvage my reputation one day…oh, funny).

Fourth, my boyfriend there at the time brought up the “smiley face killer” (note that the CIA-News-Network uses the plural) when we were walking and saw a smiley face somewhere either spraypainted, in chalk, or scratched in concrete. When he brought this up, I quickly googled it and found that there were two former police looking into it for the families of the victims and that they had connected finding the smileys with the crimes based on finding a few. Some, according to other sources, were quite distant from the crime scene and, being a popular thing to draw, were dismissed by these other law enforcement officials (the FBI mostly). I agree with the latter. It’s not about the smileys (unless you think of that in terms of LeCarre).

Fifth, I used a smiley face in a message on Facebook to another TI and it was one of his triggers. He was extremely upset that I used it and began to think I was “a plant.” You see, he had already told me about his trigger–he thought. There were a few Facebook messages he had sent me that, for some reason, I did not see, the app did not show, until after he got upset. (This is another example of pitting people against each other. It’s a divide-and-conquer strategy).

But I digress…

The main point: many unsolved drownings of young men under similar circumstances. Most or all had imbibed alcohol. All were alone when they disappeared. None or few seemed to be suicidal, in fact several quite the opposite with plans coming up.

Again, this was likely assassin training, testing of methodology. That’s why there is no link, that’s why they haven’t caught a serial killer (there isn’t one) and that’s why it’s unsolved, it’s a matter of “national security.” Electronic means involved. Possibly ‘Rigor mortis’ or some other thing that resulted in falling into water and drowning.

Victim age-range matches typical terrorist age-range. The alcohol may be simply for plausibility, clearly ‘rigor mortis’ worked on me sober.

Serial killers as cover story for illegal activities. No guarantee that this was the reason for all 40 deaths, of course. Accidents do still happen.

Patents and The Lucifer Effect

I’ve added a couple of links at right. A text file listing 100 patents that use electronics to manipulate humans in various ways. There’s one that is supposed to stop hallucinatory hearing of voices. Wonder how they know which part of the brain to stimulate in order to achieve that? Look at the dates. There was practically an explosion of the stuff before 9-11 and after. (I think what John Lennon was saying, is “give US Patent No. 6,135,944 a chance.”).

Also, a blog called ‘The Lucifer Effect’. It’s about the Stanford County Prison experiment and how ‘normal’ people can be turned into nazis, much like what has occurred in this country and elsewhere.

Also, I made a third sticky post, the one about the US Chamber of Commerce targeting reporters and others and their family members by using members of Top Secret America.

Finally, I had two tags serving the same purpose, Animal Behavior Control and Animal Control. The former was on eight posts, the latter on nine. Now they are both on all 17 rather than remove one of them.