THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Origin of a Phrase

In the early aughties, my other job in the same building, 1251, got involved with a litigation about a construction project. Essentially, we were expert witnesses for the plaintiff. A law firm right down the hall from us was the attorney for one of the defendants.

As a result, we took to referring to the main defendant in the case by a code name. It was partly a joke, and wouldn’t have been difficult to figure out by anyone who seriously wanted to know and knew about the case. But we did it anyway. The code name was a first name, a feminine one.

So when Squidgate began, I took to referring to our various intel agencies by female first names. FBI was Phoebe, NSA was Nastasia, DIA (rarely referred to thus far) Diana, and of course CIA was Cynthia.

I suppose it’s possible that unconsciously I took it from the name of a friend at the NJSF in 1990. But I’m not so certain.

I first used the phrase, “F*** you, Cynthia,” at some point in 2010. The nearly unbearable psychological harassment made for a need to let off stream.

It wasn’t until I rented RED from Red Box in 2011 (don’t have the date, probably in summer) that I found that that very phrase was in the film. I don’t think I ever read the graphic novel (certainly never owned it) by Warren Ellis on which the film is loosely based.

Was that a coincidence (in such a string of them as to bend disbelief in terms of statistical probability) or voice-to-skull? The film would have been in the can, I think, by the time I used it. I recall the filming was happening or starting in early 2009 in Canada during the early part of the year while waiting for the trial to come around.

And further, who would do that?

I don’t know. What I do know, being on the menu of criminal organizations with unlimited funds and able to act without constraints (apart from some very skirted, loop-holed old laws that they spent a lot of time figuring out how to get around without always technically breaking from a “word of the law” aspect; I expect there have been many exceptions to that, that some do whatever they think they can get away with regardless of law) is nowhere near as fun as that. There is no speedy resolution in two hours. Justice is delayed to the point it appears to not move at all. Nearly every day is dealing with some form of psychological harassment and/or torture combined with those responsible coming up with on the one hand excuses for their disgusting behavior and charades as to paint how it didn’t happen at all on the other.

You can’t imagine it.


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