Profiting from Terror

So it wasn’t just shorting airline stock (as happened with former CIA Buzzy Krongard’s former trading company, later investigated by Buzzy’s brother). In the weeks leading up to 9-11, there was unusually high purchases of US Treasury five-year bonds. So much so, that it was noticed.

These transactions include a single $5 billion trade. The Wall Street Journal explains: “Five-year Treasury notes are among the best investments in the event of a world crisis, especially one that hits the US.

Fair use copy of the original WSJ article here (with a few typos, I think) until NSA manages to get it deleted.

I am reminded how high-and-mighty Congress behaved shortly after 9-11 when they passed legislation to stop the “official” unofficial memorial WTC/Pentagon coins and plates from being produced and sold on TV, the manufacturers of which played on people’s emotions to take their money. Turned out the Legislature was doing the same, just with trading companies, contractors and legislation that worked to help them in that. They made big hay out of the former, lots of righteous anger directed at the phony goods being sold on CSPAN. Guilty consciences, I suppose.


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