NSA in Violation of FISA (Updated)

Whistleblower Thomas Drake on Eliot Spitzer’s talk show Viewpoint discussing STELLAR WIND, a massive NSA dragnet where hundreds of millions of phone calls made by Americans were recorded. When Drake raised concerns internally, he was told that if NSA went to Congress to ask, that they would say, ‘No,’ and that the Bush White House had approved it. He was consequently pushed out of NSA and brought up on charges. What I believe to be the same program was discussed on Keith Olbermann’s old MSNBC show when he had an AT&T whistleblower on who described the devices installed in an AT&T office.

As I noted recently, the reason for FISA in the first place was exactly this kind of abuse by NSA except it was on a smaller scale. The building of the facility in Utah indicated clearly the intention to make this a permanent situation and to spy on all Americans electronically.

Write your representatives about it.


Another link here to ACLU’s infographic.

“It’s exactly what the founding fathers never wanted.” -NSA whistleblower Bill Binney

FBI “officials complained privately that they were forced to chase many-hundreds of NSA-generated leads that…often seemed to end up with the pizza delivery man.” -Eric Lichtblau, New York Times


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