Newly Released 9-11 Documents

Jeremy Hammond has some analysis of some newly released CIA documents regarding 9-11 and the 1993 WTC attacks.

Probably the biggest thing was just how specific the threat was prior to the attack and that there were multiple briefings on that possibility which flies in the face of Condoleeza Rice’s statements to Congress first that it was all a surprise to everyone and later that there might have been a “report or two” stating it was possible. There’s also more evidence that Mohammed Atta did not meet with Iraqi officials—another invasion justification—as Cheney may still be trying to assert even today.

And of course how some of the people responsible got in with the blessing of our government.

In case you are wondering why I concentrate on issues like 9-11 and illegal activities, it’s because clearly the same people willing to allow/create an attack that destroyed so much life and property are likely to be the same people willing to use research and use behavioral modification technology on American citizens under the same guise as they did in the middle to late last century. They call it ‘national security’ but it’s actually just attempting to shape culture the way they want it (generally speaking, a unquestioning populace that accepts having its wealth shuffled upwards in the most cost-effective way for those who take it all).

Basically, the new dark ages for you, especially after CISPA passes the Senate (nowadays when the public says no to things like SOPA, Congress just renames it and tries again) and gets signed off on. Then they control the Internet and can place people in gulags (NDAA) without anyone able to get the word out that those people aren’t terrorists.

The upside, of course, is that the folks who think they can keep their heads down and not be noticed, not bothered, absolutely will be, but it will be too late because anyone who might have helped them will be locked away, dead, tortured, brainwashed. Gonna be a bright new dystopia for the 99.9% with Big Brother watching and punishing you from drones in the sky.


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