Gulag News

A judge upheld the ban on indefinite detentions as related to the National Defense Authorization Act, where the military can indefinitely detain anyone they or anyone else doesn’t like without access to an attorney or legal recourse. The PDF of the court document shows that Daniel Ellsberg (The Pentagon Papers, who warned of a “Tonkin Gulf scenario”–a nicer way of saying false-flag attack–during the run up to the invasion of Iraq), journalist Christopher Hedges (who referred to Blackwater as the American equivalent of the Roman Praetorian Guard, whose writing–though far more scholarly and better written–sounds a lot like my own in terms of where it is all going), Noam Chomsky (the father of modern linguistics, wearer of many hats including cognitive science, philosophy, history and activism), and others sued individuals within the government to get it there.

And they are all further to the left than I am and yet we agree on a lot with regards to this and other issues relating to civil liberties. That’s how screwy things are.

Also, USA Today had an editorial a few days ago: Indefinite Detention is Un-American

So that you get an inkling of what will happen to you or someone you know, Guantanamo Prisoners Held for Years After Being Cleared for Release.

Both All links courtesy of Sibel Edmond’s Boiling Frogs post from last night.


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