Methinks They Protest Too Loud

Walter Bowart: the secret history of mind control, transcript of radio show, Ryerson Polytechnical University, Toronto, Ontario

While some of what Bowart says I am not prepared to accept as fact (see the Mesmer/Frankin portion, for example, and the obsession over an international men’s club), there are a couple of goodies in here that are important to today’s discussion in my opinion. He worked on Conspiracy Theory, the Mel Gibson movie. In my opinion, much of this is disinfo wrapped around some kernels of truth. It is an interesting read anyway. (Fu Manchu…).

First, he points out that the Communist mind control program was exaggerated. He actually explains why. A Korean War POW marine stated on film that he dropped chemical weapons on the enemy. As it turned out, Bowart says, that was actually true. Rather than admit that, as is typical, they used this admission as an opportunity to both lie that it was due to being brainwashed and additionally used that lie as an opportunity to justify things like what Ewan Cameron did, to use off-the-charts electroshock (many, many times stronger than the use in sanitariums) to destroy memories, identity, etc.

Did you get that? Kind of like what I’ve referred to on and off as 3-D chess: one move, multiple goals. It’s a form of synergy, of not wasting even negative revelations, to try to turn it around to further a goal. It’s not unlike promising the families of 9-11 victims compensation and then when that promise is broken to say, “No amount of money can ever make up for their loss.” Orwellian, but effective on the intellectually deficient. I still haven’t puzzled out what happened with the recent leak scandals, it’s so convoluted. (But I will in time).

Next, Bowart points out that they discovered the truth of what the enemy was doing. To get the marine and other POWs to say things (some of which were not true; it’s war, do we expect a pretty picture?) all that was required were the old ways: isolation, torture, sleep deprivation, the usual mundane stuff. No drugs required. Put someone’s hand in a vise and they are eventually going to talk to make the pain stop and lie in order to avoid the pain in the future. That is why we know torture is unreliable for extracting intelligence.

The final main point (and I really should I suppose find the damn study and read it before posting this, but sometimes this blog serves as a tickler file), there was a study done, Bowart says, of 3,000 Korean war POWs. They separated them into three groups: those who almost immediately assisted the enemy, those who resisted at first but went along to survive, and those who resisted to the end. What might be surprising first is that those who resisted were the ones who were, before being captured, the most suspicious of their own military leadership. If you think of it this way it’s perhaps not so surprising: those who least trusted power were least likely to submit to the enemy’s power structure.

What might be even more surprising on the flip side, those who were the most gung ho, who volunteered to fight, were the ones who almost immediately helped the North Koreans. Again, I’d think of it as those who had a deep-seated need for structure, for leadership, to be following orders, were the most likely to betray their country when its power structure was absent in favor of another.

Which reminds me of the recent post on Nixon and the Vietnamese government, Reagan (and the Koch brothers for that matter) and the Iranian government, and Cheney and Rumsfeld, etc. and the Iraqi government. The ones with the biggest mouths, who beat their chest and talk of love of country are overcompensating, are perhaps even lying to themselves to process the guilt over their betrayals. It’s cliche, isn’t it? And therefore difficult to accept as reality.

You gotta wonder about those who bring up God every other sentence too, don’t you? I still don’t understand 9-11 hijackers hanging out at a strip club on September 10. You’d think they would be purifying themselves or similar.

And don’t get Bill Maher started on Santorum and gays.

So, next time you hear some loudmouth going on about how much he loves America, do us all a favor and whisper, “Traitor.” He isn’t helping anyway, pretending everything is fine when it’s so very much not fine.



  1. Thanks for a thoughtful review of the Bowart lecture. Mesmer is ancient history and not a critical factor in the history of mind control. Bowart was a friend of mine, and I always yawned in his face when he took that particular route. But he was very well informed on more recent history, and did understand the topic as well as anyone alive. As for Cameron: The CIA funded him through the Human Ecology pipeline from the start to serve as a dismissable hang-out, while more serious efforts remain submerged to the present day. You have noticed, I’m sure, that Cameron serves as bait for the “mainstream” press to the present day — standing in for the sum total of all CIA mind control activity, when in fact the subject is very broad, encompasses a spectrum of serious scientific advances, not the sorry quackery of one McGill U. nutjob, as the media would have us believe. As for Korea, it was also a hoax used by the CIA to drum up congressional support for its own mind control pursuits. The Meda play that one up as well to distract from the godawful truth …

    • Alex, thanks so much for the comment. I forget how I found your site originally about some other subject and was delighted to see a section devoted to mind control as well. No offense meant to Bowart, it’s just that it’s clearly about money and power and that is not limited to a particular group in my opinion.

      Sounds like we are largely on the same page about things. Congress has fallen down on the job and largely become accomplices. I have some personal experiences with the modern program and the use of electronics in addition to drugs and psyops. Most of the related posts have the “Black Boot Diaries” tag. The rest is largely about explaining the history, legal precendents, and the psychology and motives of those involved. And it serves to blow off steam, of course. It’s been very personal and frustrating.

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