Psychotronic Harassment

Interview: Dorothy Burdick on Psychotronic Harassment

Again, via Alex Constantine’s blog.

Speaking of which, one quick backtrack to the recent post regarding Bowart’s radio talk. He mentioned that it’s not difficult to figure out what the intel/defense community is up to by simply perusing scientific journals and papers. He’s right (and Burdick largely echoes this). This is how MK/ULTRA and the related programs were sometimes researched, through “legitimate” college, university, and corporate research. It might be funded through a front company, DoD directly, or simply of interest. As I noted elsewhere, this was one thing that set Peter Watts apart from people like Charlie Stross: Watts included a references section. He did so in order to preempt criticisms of some of the more difficult-to-believe events in his fiction.

Additionally, as I think I’ve pointed out, he is not the only writer who has been harassed by the intel/defense community. There are many household names with that dubious honor as well.

Back to Burdick. 1995. Context of the 1990s.

President Clinton apologized to the victims of MK/ULTRA in the 90s. Then there was the executive order about radiation testing on human subjects and other topics. There were some strange occurrences in NYC, I am told, though when I arrived there fresh from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, I just assumed that was ‘normal’ in the Big Apple. In discussing my situation with a friend in early 2010, he mentioned several strange things he witnessed with regards to human behavior and even a burning MTA bus (about which I never found any news and assumed it was for a movie). Additionally, there was pressure on the Clinton White House to invade Afghanistan. * A failed Al Qaeda assassination attempt, the talks between the Taliban and energy interests in the US, and a few other things seemed to point that way. (See here about one Pakistan and CIA-trained terrorist and how people like him turned around and trained Somali extremists leading to what we refer to as “Blackhawk Down” and finally WaPo’s ‘unexplained mystery’).

Burdick’s interview and book excerpts.

I can’t really speak to the specifics on what is laser, what is radio, what is sound, what is microwaves, except to say that what she describes to a large degree matches my experience. Note that I only read this interview and excerpts today, so I could not be making up my experiences to match what she talked about decades ago (the book was published in the 80s).

Whether or not they can even rudimentarily read my mind is, well, something I don’t much concern myself with. I have at times assumed that rather than read it, they have “scripted” my responses to the occasional statement or query in order to make me believe that they can. As I mentioned before, there is software that is supposed to be able to pick up on specific facial cues in order to, for example, identify a terrorist in a crowd of people at an airport.

In any case, this is one reason that I have adopted “honesty is the best policy” in writing this blog. It has at times made things seem less credible, I know. Given the choice, I’ve chosen the incredible truth over softening the message. Whether or not, for example, the three or four men who bumped into me without seeming to notice one day in Minneapolis were under some kind of mind control or were all operatives of some sort is, I suppose, a question. I have trusted my ability to read people and decided it was electronically induced behavior rather than an op to make me believe in it. It’s not that I cannot be fooled, but that I don’t think it’s always easy to do.

(As I wrote the two sentences above, a bird hit the front side door and knocked itself out, and is dying as I type this. Make of it what you will. Coincidence or more BS. This door is within eyesight of where I was sitting and about twenty-five to thirty feet away).


Additionally, Burdick describes the psyops, the manipulation involved. Probing for and attempting to exploit weaknesses. Murdering the six young gay men, for example. Feelings of guilt and anger to drive me to violence and radicalism as a means of containing a witness to very, very illegal activities. Sowing of doubt over everything imaginable. These people have no love for democracy nor decency. When the time comes, as it inevitably will, they deserve no mercy because they have shown none. Even God, if you are a bible-believer, requires people to forgive in order to receive His forgiveness. These people have shown time and time again that they have no interest in peace and domestic tranquility. They only desire chaos and destruction in order to swoop in and pretend they are fixing it, pretending to maintain order that they themselves have disrupted.

Where I disagree a little with Burdick is perhaps how effective it is. On the one hand, unbelievably so, on the other, some things aren’t so easy to pull off. I suppose it depends on the target. I may be a dog-person, but I’m not Pavlov’s subject. Knowing your head has been compromised is at least one step toward preventing the worst. I hope I’ve shown that.

In any case, the Organized Stalking folks should read the excerpts from her book. It should be obvious that the battle with local police is a false-flag attack. The true culprits are Federal and are attempting to unravel society by sowing distrust between the public and law enforcement. That is a key component of breaking down society, as Sir Robert Peele noted in his writing on re-vamping the law enforcement system in Britain.

Another good point she brings up: disinformation, especially where the occult and supernatural are concerned (that and of course UFOs/space aliens). One thing I have wanted to mention for some time now is the possible and hilarious scenario regarding recent ESP experiments and the use of pornography apparently increasing significantly the results. On the one hand, I suppose it could be a scientific explanation for things like Black Sabbath’s (though I’m dubious as to whether those actually happened pre-Crowley or if they were the imaginings of torturers in witch trials). On the other, that would be one darkly clownish way to muddle in someone’s research. You can send them off in the wrong direction using the electronics Burdick describes and have the researchers addicting themselves to porn and masturbation in the search for the key to telepathy. The latter sounds a lot like what I refer to as the evil clowns I’ve bumped up against.

In any case, there certainly are a lot of ghost shows out there, at least two now starring celebrities and their experiences on set and in their personal lives. I’m not buying it. Not that they are lying, but that they have, somehow, been deceived. Part of a larger disinfo campaign to direct attention away from Big Brother’s advanced toys and to maintain a sort of religion where people blame the incorporeal for their troubles instead the unseen creeps doing so for money and power.

And then there is this guy causing more misunderstandings about everything from the nature of science itself, mathematics, and black holes and other astrophysics and quantum physics subjects. I think the reviewer at the link is being far too kind to Mr. Haramein, but then he seems to be the sort waiting for the hard evidence as to what exactly the man’s problem is. It is sadly telling that Haramein’s bulls*** is more popular, it seems, than Hawking’s new show (covered consciousness and m-theory recently). I may have to re-evaluate that old debate about what it is that catches the most flies: honey, vinegar, or s***. I believe I’ll think outside that box and say spiderwebs.


* Brain fart. Actually, the pressure in the 90s was to recognize the very unfriendly Taliban government as legitimate. They were blowing up any religious landmarks that they didn’t like, set back women’s rights a hundred years, were supporting terrorism, and more.


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