Alberto Gonzalez Lied to the Senate

DOJ Response to the Senate regarding NSA’s spying program, January 19, 2006 (PDF)

The NSA activities are consistent with the preexisting statutory framework generally applicable to the interception of communications within the United States–[FISA]

Finally, the activities of the NSA the fully comply with the requirements of the Fourth Amendment. … The NSA activities are thus constitutionally permissible and protective of civil liberties.

[President George W. Bush] has acknowledged that, to counter [the threat of further attacks by Al Qaeda], he has authorized NSA to intercept international communications into and out of the United States of persons linked to al Qaeda or related terrorist groups.

The intercepts are domestic, involve every phone call, fax, email and other communications, and that was true well before 2006. They therefore do not comply with the Fourth Amendment and are not “protective of civil liberties.”

You can see Gonzalez covering himself on this issue. Besides beating the false-flag attack to death, wielding Islamophobia like a cudgel, he reiterates that the President can do any damn thing he wants when the country is “at war.” This was another benefit of it being a war on terror, a word, a concept, an idea, an emotion: there is no end to that war ever because the only way to end a “war on terror” is to remove fear from the human genome. Not easy to do.

The domestic spying began before 9-11, right around the time President Bush said he didn’t think much about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda:

History Commons – NSA Domestic Spying Program Timeline

Why? Why February 2001? Right after taking office. Domestic political purposes is the only conceivable answer. And it is downright prophetic to know that you will later be able to cover that up under the excuse of being at war, under attack.

Or is it?


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