More on CIA and DoD Aggression

Fox the fox
Rat on the rat
You can ape the ape
I know about that

–Peter Gabriel

The legal complaint regarding alleged implants for behavioral modification purposes for veteran Bruce Price and others in the 1990s. The attorneys mention a 1950 precedent-setting USSC case (Feres) that said soldiers could not sue the government for abuse of they volunteered.

Their claims stem from not having been informed of the possible consequences and that, in the military structure, volunteering is not necessarily 100% a choice. Punishment and other disincentives for refusing to volunteer are obviously possible. (Plus who is to say brainhacking like V2K wasn’t used to make them volunteer? Kinda eats itself, doesn’t it?).

But my main point in posting it is related to the previous post, the 1965 Times article. The use of electrode implants on monkeys to increase aggression and the use of other unknown inserts in human beings in this case. Dr. Krech saw it coming, knew it would be used for domestic political purposes as it has been.

November 2010 Rawatory article

November 2010 WaPo article (Note that the Spytalk column has been canceled)


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