Speaking of the NRA

Note that I do not own nor ever intend to own a firearm. There was a time (hey, I was once a Reaganite Republican and a Christian, too!) when I believed that owning guns were a deterrent to exactly the kind of nightmare scenario that I later talked myself out of ever believing could come true… Just about exactly what we are looking at now…

Nevertheless, I don’t condone violence even against these criminals except as prescribed by law. Restoration of the law is part of what this is about.

But I find it interesting that King is the first Republican lawmaker to sponsor gun control legislation. Certainly, there are reasons to be concerned. However, knowing that the Laughner shooting was CIA and DoD responsible (note King throwing in that he was a drug user… Precisely why he was perfect for the job, no one would believe him about the voice-to-skull that directed his actions), it seems a little odd.

Additionally, Rep. King thinks that this is a symbol of “righteousness and goodness.” A device that kills children. If I were still religious, I’d probably drop him a note to remind him that these are supposed to be the symbols of righteousness and goodness, not his favorite WMD.

Kind of hypocritical isn’t it? (By the way if you run across the numbers of innocents killed by drones vs. terrorists, know that the numbers are likely skewed because they automatically count every male as a terrorist regardless of age or if they actually are. Figure the ratio is backwards, 11% terrorists, 89% innocents).

King is chairman of the Homeland Security committee. I find it unthinkable that he is unaware of NKINTRA (at least peripherally) and gangstalking. What has DHS done to put an end to either? Not a damn thing as far as I can see.

Anyway, next time you hear about someone wanting to take your guns away, know it was Giffords that they used as a tool to accomplish that. One need only look at the plethora calls for violence against the government from the extreme Right, FOX News, and even supposed ministers of God to know King and his party are ass-deep in stoking the coals.

Note that the legislation is designed to protect legislators. Just like these people to only think of themselves.

Wouldn’t it be easier and less expensive just to shut down these illegal programs that are being used to cause strife and induce fear?

I will say this for King. He’s much smarter about what he says than your average crooked politician. But, hey, it’s New York.


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