Wikileaks Rumblings

I don’t really have a firm opinion about these items. I think probably, they are an attempt on CIA’s part to use what, it seems to me, a sinking reputation to its advantage. As I noted recently, this is what they do: bend and twist the truth to their advantage and they are really good at it. If they are “cast” as the “villains” then pretend that their targets are their friends.

The first I found at Cryptome. A mere implied rumor that Assange once worked for CIA or another US intel apparatus at the end. Not impossible, of course (sometimes it looks like that list is mindbogglingly long) and it doesn’t mean he was working for them when all this stuff went down. Or, if he was, it wasn’t necessarily intentional. This is how indiscernible things get with these twisted plots that usually seem to amount to nothing at the end apart from wasted taxes.

The second I ran across today. The story, as you’ll see was about something else entirely: a different motive and method for the Norway shootings being a CIA false flag operation. Note that I still prefer my version at to how for a couple of reasons, not the least being I hope it’s still difficult to hide so many extra shooters (they say CIA recruited local police), but I could be wrong about that. One of the potential motives, that Norway decided to stop bombing Libya for NATO, sadly rings true and makes a bit more sense than simple oil greed and security contracts, but you can rest assured that and some of the other things that Veterans Today brings up could be involved. But, would Breivik have taken credit for all of the shootings if he wasn’t responsible? The answer may lie below with regards to Bradley Manning.

Now, to remind folks…

At some point, January or February of 2010, I sent money to Wikileaks. Look again at the date. Though some of DoD’s documents claim that Manning was transferring data prior to that, the bulk indicate it was later. In any case, I had never heard the name Assange nor Manning at that time and the story did not break until after this. I somehow “stumbled” upon their site and, the best conscious justification I can come up with, was seeking help anywhere I could get it with the intense harassment I was experiencing in New York City. So note that as well: 2006 was the test drugging in Indianapolis, and Squidgate and the Conway fire were December 2009. All before the donation and the story broke.

The truth, of course, is it was voice-to-skull or some similar tech probably combined with some manipulation of my Google search or whatever it was that lead me to the site in the first place. (Hello, NSA).

Next, I remind folks that I believe that Manning was brainwashed after his arrest, after the alleged transfer of data to Wikileaks, while he was at Quantico. Why brainwash someone who is already believed to be guilty and suffering from—the military’s story—psychological problems?

Something is very wrong here. Was their opportunity to do the same with Breivik? Is the point to alter the details of what happened, to “erase” the real leaker(s) and extra shooters?

Also note that I “stumbled” upon these two indicators yesterday and today linking Assange to CIA. They are therefore suspect. Not to mention one is an anonymous tipster who doesn’t explain how he knows and the other is clearly opinion. Also, both appear as throwaway additional details (a liar’s tool, talk about one thing mostly and then inadvertently throw out the one thing you really want as not the main point but a detail you sort of let slip out and people will latch on to that. Makes it seem more reliable as an added note).

I would dismiss this rumor, at least for now. But it might be a coming trend. Could be an attempt to undermine Assange’s support, financial and otherwise, to try to divide him and whoever… anonymous or similar.

Hm. That sounds like a firm opinion after all.


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