All Roads Lead to NKINTRA

This is a follow-up to this post.

It turns out that Veterans Today’s source for the info on Assange is the same as my first one in that post, Cryptome.

However, before I pull the rug out because that’s only one piece of data:

[Assange] has the ravaged emotional complexion that we might expect from an alumnus of one of the many MK-Ultra operations. He reportedly spent several years in the menticidal Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult (also known as The Family and Santiniketan) near Melbourne, Australia. Here little children were separated from their parents and made to ingest LSD, Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Largactil, Mogadon, Serepax, Stelazine, Tegretol, Tofranil, and other potent psychopharmaca. Dozens of children were told that Hamilton-Byrne was their real mother, and had their hair dyed blond. Anne Hamilton-Byrne reportedly regarded blond hair as a sign of racial superiority.

Additionally, the author points out, the “damage” done does seem to work in favor of some in the USG. And the bogus documents on UFOs implied that at least some of those cables were fakes to begin with.

The VT author goes on to paint Ellsberg in a similar light, as a hawk who suddenly turned dove when he got a handful of papers that made JFK look bad, a tale that I immediately wanted to reject. However, this:

There was nothing in the Pentagon papers which a casual reader of LeMonde or Corriere della Sera did not already know.

This hit home. All of this hullabaloo about leaks, STUXNET especially. That was already known long before this recent so-called leak. I’m fairly certain that CIA was even given credit. That it suddenly appears to be news is strange to say the least. And, really, when compared to invading Iran (something the House is pushing on this week), STUXNET and FIRE ultimately make Obama look good to the Left. (I’m inclined to agree given no other option but another invasion or bombing campaign. Damage equipment and call it a day).

Look, it’s harder to argue with covert ops done overseas. Even when it seems many of them are not in the interests of the 99%. I think most Americans believe in their heart of hearts that most of this is about oil (which, historically, translates into low prices at the pump). Nations act in their best interests and that means doing dirty deeds to get ahead. That is how it works, the US has no monopoly on that.

But there are two problems that, beyond the extended campaign to destroy my life, drive me to violence, etc. that would be upsetting even if that had not happened. The first is the use of covert ops on US citizens and foreign citizens within the US. We once had laws here. If you have terrorist ties, then you should be arrested by the FBI, not assassinated by the CIA and NSA.

The second is that many of these ops are not in the best interests of the majority of Americans. We are paying for this and it is expensive. We are the ones on those battlefields, on those roads getting hit by IEDs, and, incredibly, the new targets of our own homegrown, false-flag government’s terror campaign.

If the wars were over, if Top Secret America was a responsibly acting, reasonably-sized entity with oversight, if there was not a false-flag domestic terror program, if civil liberties were not being taken away as a result of it, and if the economic nirvana that the neocons promised had happened, that we now had Starbucks, etc., in the Middle East and it was stable, if jobs were plentiful and corporations were paying a decent wage and benefits weren’t threatened, it would be much harder to criticize and find an audience of any substantial size calling for oversight, change, peace, regulation, justice, etc. But parts of this government have just gone bonkers and are attempting to replace a democratic republic with a fascist surveillance state. That is what is happening or has already happened, and NKINTRA is the keystone of it.

It’s one thing to slmply lie in the media. It’s considered freedom of speech here (doing so intentionally in Canada is considered a crime). But this is beyond the pale. CIA and DoD are directing, creating, domestic terrorist attacks, assassinating people for political ends, and spying on Americans like our old Communist enemies did in order to contain that truth and other embarassing, illegal, un-American activities.

Anyway, if VT is correct, that Assange is a Manchurian Candidate-type journalist, then that may explain the brainwashing of Bradley Manning. It was to seal up the official story. The leaked video was also about a story that was already known. Manning may not have even been the leaker, or even if he was, may not have been responsible

See the previous post about the Air Force interest in the use of HPM and EMF to alter thinking and emotions. It works. “Been there-done that.”


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