Back to the DoD

It seems clear to me now, given the recent articles I posted from Microwave News and the underlying articles from other sources, as well as the additional information from elsewhere, that the recent instructions I talked about here are indeed because DoD expects these issues to become public. The civil rights memo, again, is to direct the office of the Inspector General (actually there are several), an office that is supposed to be independent in order to avoid conflicts of interest and cover-up, to inform the chain of command on the details of the cases being investigated. The purpose(s), I believe, for this are the following:

1) Cover-up – this consists of intimidation, bribery, disinformation, and perhaps even assassinations (as I noted elsewhere, several DoD whistleblowers wound up dying of fake suicides and in one case an unsolved murder that seemed to possibly stem from the female soldier’s sexuality).

2) Damage control – brainstorm alternate narratives (blaming some other entity or a small part, such as a “rogue” group of lowranking soldiers or one subcontractor instead of the likely many involved), limited hangouts (this is when they expose a small portion of a larger program which leaves the larger one intact and unexposed while the limited hangout gets a lot of media exposure which drowns out any lingering questions about the larger one. It is controlling the narrative).

3) Assigning blame – they have appointed scapegoats and spread it around in order to protect the higher-ranking criminals involved (I haven’t mentioned it for some time, but Seymour Hersh in 2009 and after made reference to seven or eight Joint Chiefs who take their direction illegally from Dick Cheney and not from the duly elected Commander-In-Chief)

And the other memo on nonlethal weapons in particular is a preemptive attempt to define what injury is. This must be for a potential legal defense, such as might arise from a class action lawsuit of organized stalking victims. By stating that only physical damage that permanently results in an inability to work for life, they are attempting to protect themselves from systematically giving so many people brain damage that often results in an inability to hold down a full-time job. They have literally driven thousand of American (and untold foreigners) to the brink of madness without breaking legs, making them cripples, etc.

It’s an admission of guilt. They justified these programs undoubtedly the same way some department stores justified using subliminal sound to reduce theft and corporations get away with spying on their own employees: it’s only about protecting the money and property of people and companies who don’t pay taxes or get away with paying very little. The military brass and intel community assume everyone is a potential terrorist, point to things like the phony economic downturn (fake because so many corporations are indeed making record profits and hoarding the cash and because it was an intentional redistribution of wealth upwards), self-made nightmare reports on food and water scarcity, etc. Basically they frighten then bribe Congress into going along with whatever they ask for; it’s a psyop. CISPA which allows Internet censorship and the NDAA allowing indefinite detainment or anyone without due process are two examples. And as Jason Leopold stated on Twitter earlier today, Democrat Diane Feinstein is every bit as on board with these kinds of draconian measures as any Republican. It is not a question of party but rather a question of a new class war that reduces the poor and middle class to something akin to slaves or illegal immigrants. It is as though neither the country nor its government belong to the people any longer despite them being saddled with paying for it.

There is no other explanation regarding the memos. The kinds of minds that thought any of this appropriate to begin with are the same ones that will stop at nothing to protect the bloated, corrupt system that is bleeding the Treasury dry and causing far more harm than it protects from. These are people who are profiting off of this personally either directly through ownership of the corporations holding the contracts or through the “good ol’ boys” network of favors and graft.

It is not only the victims of these programs that are being hurt, it’s also the country being eaten up until there is nothing left but the war and security sectors for the economy (not “making” anything, just destroying things abroad and protecting the stuff at home that is falling apart from neglect and funding cuts), and the rest of the world through the resulting military and covert actions.


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