Frey and an 80s Microwave Weapons Conference

Microwave News, January/February 1987, p. 10 (PDF)


The Next Asbestos? WiIl personal injury suits over the adverse health effects of microwave radiation grow in the same way that litigation over asbestos has? Dr. Allan Frey of Randomline, Inc., argues that this scenario is very likely in the cover story of the January 1987 issue of The Pennsylvania Lawyer. He warns that unless more bioeffects research is funded and unless adequate controls are placed on emissions, the microwave industry may be crippled by an angry public unwilling to accept any future sources of radiation.


Microwave News, January/February 1987, p. 5 (PDF)


Six hundred scientists and engineers with security clearances spent the first week of December at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico examining the potential of high-power microwaves to zap enemy electronics. This was the 3rd National Conference on High-Power Microwave Technology for Defense Applications; at the second conference, in 1983, 300 people attended. (By comparison, in 1986, 238 people were at the Bioelectromagnetics Society meeting and nearly 2,000 attended the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society symposium.)

The proceedings of the meeting are classified, but it is known that more than 70 papers and 100 posters were presented. Many branches of the Department of Defense were represented, including the Air Force, the Army and the Navy, together with DARPA, DIA and DNA. The Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs were also well represented, as were most of the big defense contractors – General Dynamics, Physics International and TRW each have a high-power microwave testing facility.

In addition to sessions on sources, susceptibility and hardening, there was one on biological effects: Dr. David Erwin and Major Robert Downs represented the Air Force and Howard Bassen and Dr. John D’Andrea described the Army and Navy programs, respectively. Dr. Frank Barnes of the University of Colorado in Boulder presented a poster paper on his and Dr. Howard Wachtel’s research on the effects of pulsed microwaves.

Chuck de Caro, a former correspondent for the Cable News Network, considers the possibility that the U.S. is falling behind the U.S.S.R. in microwave weapons in “The Zap Gap,” to be published in the March issue of The Atlantic (see also MWN, November/December 1986.)


Note the usual excuse at the end there perpetuated by a former CIA-News-Network correspondent: we have to destroy America by testing these things on the American people so that the Soviets don’t destroy us. I wonder how they are faring in depicting Al Qaeda as having satellites, EMF weapons, etc. today.

Note that TRW was acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2002. Other bidders included BAE Systems and General Dynamics.

See posts about smear campaign by BAE and the Pentagon against purple heart recipient Dakota Meyer. That’s really all you need to know about Top Secret America’s and the Military Industrial Complex’s utter lack of compassion for Americans. See why they slandered Meyer.

Additionally, I am reminded of, in the review of CIA book reviews about their mentioning that the Washington Post exposé was largely based on freely available information on the web. That’s because it isn’t really about being secure; it’s about making money. And these corporations do that by advertising for investors. It’s 99% bulls*** for profit, the taxpayers stuck with the bill while simultaneously being the target.

Finally, recall that DARPA had been searching for “synthetic telepathy”, of which voice-to-skull is half. An email list message with a lot of interesting-if-true stuff that, as I kind of knew had to happen, drags DIA into this mess as well. Note the leukemia-like symptoms portion (item 10, acute anemia portion from the May 5, 1955 MK/ULTRA draft memorandum would show that there was interest in something like that as would item 5, mimicking the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in order to harass and, should it prove deadly, plausibly deniable assassination).



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