Military Systems (A Contradictory Report)

Microwave News, September/October 1992, p. 11 (PDF):


Microwave Weaponry…An article in Aviation Week & Space Technology flatly contradicts a report in a competing publication that an EMP weapon was used in the Gulf War. The earlier story, in the April 13-19 issue of Defense News, stated that an HMP warhead mounted on the Navy’s Tomahawk cruise missile was used in the opening days of Operation Desert Storm (see MWN, M/J92). The weapon, also referred to as a high-power microwave (HPM) device, was meant to disrupt electronics in Iraq’s air defense systems, wrote coauthors Robert Holzer and Neil Munro. The piece in the April 27 Aviation Week confirmed part of the earlier report, quoting unnamed U.S. defense officials who said that a “Tomahawk-size” EMP warhead is being developed in projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM and Eglin Air Force Base, FL.” [B]ut no such weapon was used against Iraq,” Aviation Week reporter David Fulghum wrote. His story was not primarily about EMP weapons and made no specific reference to Defense News. Rather, the three-page article described a secret offensive to disrupt Iraqi air defenses. Defense News‘ Munro said his sources stick by their original story.


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  1. […] weapons in its arsenal and that these may have been used during the Gulf War (see MWN, M/J92 and S/092). There were also allegations that non-ionizing radiation was used against the women’s peace […]

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