Notes on RF Weapons

MICROWAVE NEWS January/February 1996, p. 14 (PDF)

No official tests of high-powered microwave weapons tests on humans are on record, although that doesn’t preclude the possibility that tests have been performed. ( It look decades before the public heard about LSD tests by llie CIA in the 1970s and radiation experiments by the Pentagon during the 1950s. ) Major Tom Schultz at the public affairs office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense says he cannot answer questions about high-powered microwave weapons because research on them is classified. “We’re probably quite far from a good understanding of the health effects of microwave technologies used as weapons,” says [Federation of American Scientists’ Steve] Aftergood. “I am not aware of any dedicated human-subject research in this area, and the continuing development of these technologies makes me nervous, because at some point they will have to be tested against human subjects. And given the background of Cold War human experimentation, I am concerned about how these tests will be conducted. At a minimum, the testing protocols need to be subjected to public review.”
—Peter Cassidy, “Guess Who’s the Enemy,” The Progressive, pp.22-24, January 1996


MICROWAVE NEWS January/February 1996, p. 19 (PDF)


Disabling People and Electronics…The military continues to explore development of RF weapons for the conflicts of the future. For instance, the First Directed Energy Warfare (DEW) Conference, held last year at the Mitre Corp. * in McLean, VA, featured Dr. David Erwin of the Armstrong Lab at Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX, on “DEW RF Effects” and Dr. Jose Pina of the CIA on “Ground Combat Applications of RF.” Other topics included “Personnel Vulnerability” and “DEW Biological Effects.” The June meeting was organized by the Association of Old Crows, whose members are specialists in electronic warfare. Conference participants had to have security clearances of “Secret” or higher, as has been the case at similar meetings in the past (see MWN, J/F87 and N/D93). Public discussion of RF/MW weapons has focused on disrupting technology. But a recent article in the Airpower Journal revealed “for the first time that the military is developing high-powered microwave weapons for use against human beings,” reports Peter Cassidy in the January 1996 Progressive (see p. 14). RF/MW and EMF-based weapons are also being studied for civilian law enforcement. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, TN, will soon complete a literature review for the National Institute of Justice on the feasibility of “thermal guns,” which could heat the body to 105 to 107°F and incapacitate the target; “seizure guns,” which “would use EM energy to induce epileptic-Iike seizures”, and “magnetophosphene guns” which would cause the target to “see stars.” The institute’s Ray Downs in Washington cautioned that the report may not be made public. ORNL’s Dr. Clay Easterly has said that some effects not associated with heating could be useful in developing nonlethal weapons (see MWN, N/D93).


* Who also nowadays handles at least one contract for “border control.”

Wouldn’t it be hysterical if Mitre and General Dynamics used mind control to get their contracts? Current head of MITRE Corp., James Schlesinger of Family Jewels fame, former Director of CIA and later Secretary of Defense.

The Association of Old Crows… Now that sounds both Shakespearean and cloak-and-dagger.



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