We Interrupt This List of the Usual Suspects

To bring you a Squidgate update. The attorney for the juror who wrote the judge asking for sentence leniency in that case, who has been and is defending her against charges of mind controlling a juvenile delinquent to glue coyote fur to his face and robbing a local Check’N’Go (the alternate local-yokel theory was she had robbed it herself), was assaulted a few days ago by the Antichrist a subject of the illegal federal government program known as NK/Intra:

Macomb Daily – Man Attacks County Worker, Attorney in Mount Clemens

I was just composing a post re-examining the CIA Family Jewels as limited hangout now that I know a bit more about James Schlesinger and MITRE Corp.’s role in this as financial motive given the company’s longstanding interest in the devices used to achieve these kinds of attacks. I guess that will have to wait for later.


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  1. […] Huron” *. Some time after her defense attorney managed to turn the local heat down a bit, he was attacked at the court house by what appeared to be a mentally disturbed man. Not connected to planes, but strange behavior most […]

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