Rodney King

Rodney King Found Dead at Bottom of Pool

Recall what I said about EMF-induced “rigor mortis” and swimming pools (here and here). Then take a look at the pattern I’ve been describing and the typical (in my opinion, please don’t be offended other TIs who ascribe to that theory) disinformation explanation of Organized Gang Stalking or Covert Harassment.

The obvious culprits would be LAPD or this hypothetical fascist police organization that many TIs believe exist. Revenge for the attention paid to police brutality and an act of defiant rightwing terroristic racism. That last part is also flipping the finger at the President.

As I noted before a few times, one step to eroding social cohesion (after financial duress) is to drive a wedge between law enforcement and the public at large. This distrust grows until you have riots as happened after the Rodney King video was released.

All of these things are precisely what the criminals within CIA, NSA and the rest of the intel/security/defense industry thrive on. To put it simply, it means the likes of Blackwater patrolling the streets of major cities. (The premise, by the way, to the Wisp graphic novel script I wrote years ago–though after the drugging in Indianapolis and obviously after my stint at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival).

Now, to the phony narrative. It may entirely be true that King was drinking and smoking weed prior to his death. This lends credence to the accidental death scenario. It’s even possible and likely that the brainhacking tech is why he, if he did, drank and smoked so much. Sew the whole thing up with EMF muscle paralyzation and it’s a done deal.

(In case it isn’t obvious, the past few days have been rather intense for me in terms of having my head mucked with. That is why the increase in the number of posts. I didn’t think drinking a lot would help and I don’t smoke weed. I can see why someone who does might take that route: this stuff IS torture, even if it is remote).

This also, like the shooting of Ronni Chasen and a more recent gunning down of a known-in-LA-circles music producer, sends a message of intimidation to the entity that poses the greatest threat to this illegal massive psychological operation: Hollywood.

I’ll say it again: with the money and resources being spent on homeland security and anti-terror, it is impossible that the source of the OS / CH phenomenon could be anything or anyone else. It is something inside Top Secret America with help from inside the government. There can be no other explanation that explains how this phenomenon could be nationwide (and indeed happening overseas as well).

The excuse is potential domestic terrorism. Even as FBI informants have been setting up cripples, mentally deficient and disturbed individuals to be part of terror plots that are funded, described and supplied by FBI entities themselves, CIA, NSA, DIA, whichever are using “mind control” to create violence in order to provide Top Secret America with plenty of contracts. Additionally, once you have the “secret police” in place, you can accomplish other goals, such as destroying the middle class and forcing all labor to its knees, removing social security, healthcare, education funding (making people even more ignorant and therefore more easily herded and fooled), financial support of all kinds, etc.

That’s what it is, folks.



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