Stop That Car or We’ll Zap You

Microwave News, September/October 1996, p. 19 (PDF):

Stop That Car or We’ll Zap You!

They’re the sexiest gadgets in this year suction movies: EMP weapons, which use electromagnetic pulses to zap electronics. They have starring roles in Goldeneye, the latest James Bond movie, as well as in Broken Arrow, Escape from LA and Eraser. And soon they may be coming to a police car near you.

Law Enforcement News (September 30) reports that the U.S. Army and the National Institute of Justice are running a $500,000 field lest to see if EMP guns can force a car to stop by disabling its electrical systems. The plan is to use EMP to do away with high-speed chases (another Hollywood staple). This is another example of the growing interest in using nonlethal weapons developed by the military.

In 1990, Boeing Co. agreed to pay $500,000 to settle Robert Strom’s lawsuit, which alleged that he had developed leukemia after being exposed to EMP radiation (see MWN, S/O90). As part of the settlement, Boeing agreed to set up a medical monitoring program for 700 employees who had worked with EMP. The results of this surveillance effort may play a key role in assessing the impact of EMP guns on police officers—who are likely to be sensitive on this point after years of controversy over radar guns.

Will the next Hollywood production featuring EMP he a courtroom drama?


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  1. […] For more on EMFs and HPM for mind-control and other weapons applications, see MWN, J/F87, N/D93, J/F96, and S/O96 [link one] [link two]. […]

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