Voice Synthesis Devices {Updated}

9 September 2016 update: CALL has pulled all of its information off of the web and requires one be a contractor or DoD employee to see it.

Just ran across this little honey from a (or the?) US Army thesaurus:

voice synthesis devices

Definition/Scope: Nonlethal weapon which has the ability to clone a person’s voice so that a synthesized message in that person’s voice can be transmitted (e.g., by satellite) to a selected audience.

Recall how I said that they sometimes used the voice of my old acquaintance from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival and that I suspected it was computer-generated? There is the gizmo. (Also funny that it can be done via satellite). Largely this was to direct my ire against him.

Some others I’ve mentioned as well. The attempt to make me think that my ex’s new husband, for example, had said, “It’s none of his business” when I found out about the 11/11/11 wedding while on the road out of Minnesota from a Facebook post. Again, an attempt to provoke, but I confirmed those words were not spoken. (Recall also how they have tried to push the ESP phony narrative as explanation of “hearing” other people’s conversations remotely).

Or when they used Peter Watts’ voice many times including prior to my trip to Toronto in April. (In fact, as recent as today. “Is that what you would do to me?”).

And then there’s Robert Baer, whom they seem to have a real hard-on for. Not sure I get that. Was it because I had approached Smoke House about The Wisp and Clooney had worked on Syriana? Some of those, should I ever find my way out of this mess, would be amusing to relate. (“Sascha LeBraun Baer”?).

And in Minneapolis, there was one from Obama that sounded intentionally as though it was pieced together from different sound files. Laughable and strange.

In any case, it’s another tool nailed as being not part of science fiction but rather DoD-fact. And one used to possibly direct, for example, the arsonist who burned down the Conways’ condo building. Did “the devil” tell him to do that?

Then there is that hooligan who said that the Squidgate juror and her son “made” him glue coyote fur to his face and rob the Check’N’Go. Did he “hear” their voices pushing him to do it?

And of course, example from the news, “God” telling Oscar Ortega-Hernandez to shoot at the White House. (Wonder if they used Charlton Heston’s voice for that).

And then there’s “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” The attack by deranged men on Mike Wallace during the Reagan years that later became the inspiration for a R.E.M. song.

The list goes on.

And who has the damned thing? DoD clearly (which includes NSA and DIA), CIA and possibly select companies from their list of contractors. And DARPA. Let us not forget DARPA and their search for synthetic telepathy.

And who doesn’t have it? The local and state police. This is high tech. If some other entity did, the “masters” of this tech would swoop in and take it away. No. It can only be those entities who regularly employ it.

Bonus link: infrasound:

Definition/Scope: Nonlethal warfare measures involving very low frequency sound projection to disorient, sicken or frighten people away from designated areas.

I’m thinking “caffeine zone” may fall into that (as might my “alcohol zone”).

(Sometimes I wonder how I’m still sane).

This thesaurus is listed as from the “Center for Army Lessons Learned.” In that case, may I suggest a new entry?


Description/Scope: someone not worth the trouble of f***ing with.



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