Steven Ivens

A new hypothesis floating around about missing rogue FBI agent Steven Ivens posed by former FBI-turned-Monaco-intel-chief Robert Eringer (though he lists the two other possibilities as well, simple nervous breakdown and something more akin to what I talked about here).

I’m not familiar with Eringer, but sounds like he’s lead an interesting life.

I have a primary problem with theories one and three. The first does not explain the other arrest, that of Donald Sachtleben. Nor does the third one. Wouldn’t that mean that a twenty-five year veteran is also a Russian agent?

However I can see why he brought it up. First, by visiting the Russian ambassador, he could make it clear that his cover is blown. Second, the manner in which he did so could make the papers (spying 101, don’t get noticed but if you are and arrest is imminent, do as much damage as you can). Third, Ivens still hasn’t been found, therefore he might be in Moscow.

But, let’s take another view, option two. Ivens did find out something disturbing, so disturbing that he got drugged in order to have an excuse to arrest him (see last portion). He fled because that stuff really mucks with your head and decided it made sense to tell the Russians since they are likely to take the opportunity to try to embarrass the US. Whichever (FBI, CIA, etc.) decides to turn that around and make it seem like what I described in the previous paragraph and Ivens has been arrested (or, you know…isn’t with us anymore) and they spread the rumor he’s in Moscow to blow the whole thing off as a traitor fleeing. This is plausible because the Russians planted the story (that I don’t much doubt).

They both work because Ivens isn’t here to say the rest of the story and all parties involved are so deceitful as to not be believed, or as my old pappy used to say, “If they said that the Sun was in the sky at noon, I’d go look out a window.”

(Added note: the people who stuck electrodes in a young woman’s head to see what it would do will now try to bend things again–now I guess I know which version I believe, thanks for that—to say that the SVR got the idea—which all major intel apparatuses have engaged in for decades—from my personal experiences with the US intel community.

In case it isn’t clear, yes, the harassment continues. This is the result. They started it. I didn’t ask for it. It is criminal and not even in any way helpful to US interests, just those of a few traitors).


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