Filling in the Gaps

I stated back here that I suspected that the targeting of the Squidgate juror’s family began before Squidgate, and that I did not yet know why. It could be–could be–that I now do, or at least if not why they were targeted, why we were thrown together.

Today, we made a stop at a graveyard. I had already heard how the juror’s husband had lost three brothers (and his sister is currently ill). But I did not expect this:


At the age of 38, he went into the hospital for a relatively routine hernia operation. He was even monitored with a heart device and it did not detect any problems. He died. The autopsy revealed that his heart was in the condition one would expect from a 74 year old man.

Thinking again of my more recent ex (the one from Minneapolis) and his sister’s mysterious uninvestigated death on a bridge… As a reminder, she was present but not directly involved in a fist fight. When the fight was over, she was just missing. They found her body floating days later.

Both of these events, as well as the juror’s son and my son being run over under incredibly similar circumstances (both young drivers who did not realize they had hit people–and keeping in mind that much of what I’ve been talking about is brainhacking…tricking the brain in various ways including electronically providing false sensory stimuli) all occurred after 9-11, after the invasion of Iraq, and more importantly after the creation of Top Secret America in 2004 and 2005, the privatization of the intel community with corporations.

Also note that, when I say these things happened for a reason, I don’t mean the invisible hand of the Almighty or space alien mind control. I mean someone is (quite understandably if they know the slightest thing about American history) not happy about the way these things have unfolded. Assassin training done live on American citizens is something that, even to people in Congress, should be found disturbing. The School of the Americas has been known as a place to teach that sort of thing and has quite an interesting list of alumni.

I point out again, these things sometimes have multiple reasons for being done. In this case, you also have many of these targets being Native American. I think it’s sort of like making a positive-negative list, looking for all of the “benefits” of doing a potential operation in order to sell it to whoever approved them. Additionally, as was the case, because my ex’s family were Native, the police were less likely to look into it and it would, as the more cynical might view it, get Native Americans off of government support so that people like the Kochs don’t have to shell out as much (as if those f***ers pay any taxes to speak of anyway) of their precious profits for the right to destroy the land and poison us all as part of their business.

These agencies–most likely through their subcontractor cut-outs–have their future killer elites cut their teeth and test methods on people who are of a different race to make it easier. They have it done on the son of a gay man, also easier for the bigoted-minded. They do similar things to atheists, because they think God loves them for their acts of murder. Whatever is good for the military industrial complex and the nazis who apparently have some sway over it, is in line with divine will, is what they tell themselves and their thugs.

The juror’s brother-in-law probably had some other health issues and it’s possible that some pharmaceutical contributed to his heart disease. But something like this, this complete unexpected deterioration of the heart, is sometimes (often?) the result of a bacteriological infection. I expect it is unusual to go that unnoticed or to happen that quickly to someone this young.

That fits perfectly with what they would look for and test out of the old MK/Ultra program and therefore what they would look for and test under the newer NK/Intra program. Plausibly deniable assassination.

Again…”for a reason.” I don’t even think these conclusions are mine anymore, not completely. So, why show me? Especially given I have some serious doubts about being believed, or even if I am, that anything would be done about it.

This was what Cheney meant about taking a walk on the dark side after 9-11. 9-11 excuses absolutely anything. It’s a magic set of numbers that help to turn normally decent people into psychotic a**holes. That’s why pointing out what really happened that day, how it bears an uncanny similarity to Operation Northwoods, is so important. It is not an excuse if it was a false-flag operation–and it almost certainly was.

Let me re-state my point: it’s not coincidental, what happened to me, where I’ve been, who I’ve met. Therefore it’s not magic, divine intervention, nor space aliens I’m talking about. It’s an out-of-control spy and defense industry that runs on graft, murder and selling their services to corporate clients to make their separation of money from the poor and middle class easier. That’s what I mean when I say that exposing NK/Intra is the most important issue, the only issue. It affects all the others. It threatens everything including swallowing the entire budget whole as it grows in power and scope, manages to further engineer society in that direction.

It is something like what I described. This stuff is designed to remove future Teddy Kennedy’s before they make a difference. It’s a fixed game for all the marbles.

As if all of that weren’t enough…again, two sons fired within a week or eight day of each other… I see a strong possibility that the juror and her husband may both lose theirs within a short period of each other. It’s like usual, watching a train wreck in slow motion and knowing there’s not a damn thing that you can do to stop it.


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