The Assassination of Paul Wellstone

See the tags for more info about Cheney’s warning to Wellstone if he voted against the invasion of Iraq (he did vote against it) and the ‘Rigor Mortis’ tag (an occasional harassment usage of EMF / HPM tested and/or trained by using on subjects of covert harassment / organized stalking).

That was the point, wasn’t it? The point of my rigor mortis experience detailed here, the plane trouble detailed here, and my day job in Minneapolis where pictures of Wellstone hung on the walls and stories about him were told infrequently. So simple a caveman could do it.

Of course our primary law enforcement body is too busy trying to muscle in on CIA’s (and NSA’s?) get rich quick schemes to do any crime-fighting that actually matters. (Some great stuff in that article…CIA has stations in all major US cities, for example. Wonder how many times I passed the one in Minneapolis).


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