Corporate Fascism

From The Nation last February:

Thiel’s Palantir and its two intelligence contractor partners—collectively named “Team Themis” after the Roman goddess of law and order—proposed to the Chamber’s lawyers a plan that involved illegal cyber-espionage against the Chamber’s enemies, including targeting activists’ families and children. Among those targeted: ThinkProgress, union leaders, MoveOn, Brad Friedman and Glenn Greenwald, whose support for Wikileaks reportedly rankled Chamber member Bank of America.

There is of course more (Thiel’s early support of political operative James O’Keefe III, for example). Read again Carl Clark’s interview about how he was sometimes targeting people who had made corporate enemies. Fits right in.

Mark my words, a large portion of the intelligence community and their private partners are ass-deep in this. These few companies are tip of the iceberg, a limited hangout (designed largely it seems to undermine Paul). The WaPo report about FBI telling companies to talk the to them and not CIA is telling in that regard. Then there is what Thomas Drake said, that NSA officers created “the boogeyman” in order to pass through the revolving door from government to private and give themselves contracts and become millionaires. Same thing has and is clearly happening in CIA and other parts of the DoD besides NSA. Why not FBI too?

What is quoted above from the article clearly violates federal laws. Why have there been no arrests? Because the other a-holes doing the same thing–and the effort is massive–are afraid it will expose their fingers in the pie as well.



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