More Assassin Training

This is sort of an “in passing” post. I’m actually working on another explanation post regarding an organized stalking phenomenon, that of triggers * (specifically license plates), but in thinking about that and the utter uselessness of the FBI unless it is fetching some CEO coffee, I recalled the news story below.

(Quick side note. * A trigger is basically a symbol or other thing like a song that holds a special, typically disturbing, meaning to the TI. This is one of the things that tends to undermine their credibility because when they say, “Look! A chicken! You see? You see?!?” other people, not having had the conditioning that the intel community has put the TI through, do not see. At all. It’s a method that goes back to both items 1 and 5 of the 1955 draft MK-Ultra memo: undermining credibility and mimicking known diseases, in this case, mental illness such as a beginning psychoses going into schizophrenia).

This story was widely publicized. There were many theories. There are a few reasons I recall it.

First, I did hear about it at some point either from the web or TV, though at that point, the link seemed to be the interstate that the victims all seemed to be near. They were mostly Midwest and the NYC one was not included (note that Minneapolis in 2002 is included).

Second, I think that there were some attempts to make a smiley face a trigger for me. I suppose I was too dense to pick up on it or maybe the Comedian’s blood-spattered pin was just too iconic to make room for some other connotation.

Third, because the victims of these crimes are all young men who drowned, I was reminded of these crimes (again, think Ophelia) via voice-to-skull at some point in Minneapolis in order to further disturb me where the operative or dupe who showed up in that deli on January 3, 2010. Recall, there was a jumper in Minneapolis in June 2010 and I only found out because of a power outage in my building (that post was written when I was still doing them in third person, thinking hilariously that I might be able to salvage my reputation one day…oh, funny).

Fourth, my boyfriend there at the time brought up the “smiley face killer” (note that the CIA-News-Network uses the plural) when we were walking and saw a smiley face somewhere either spraypainted, in chalk, or scratched in concrete. When he brought this up, I quickly googled it and found that there were two former police looking into it for the families of the victims and that they had connected finding the smileys with the crimes based on finding a few. Some, according to other sources, were quite distant from the crime scene and, being a popular thing to draw, were dismissed by these other law enforcement officials (the FBI mostly). I agree with the latter. It’s not about the smileys (unless you think of that in terms of LeCarre).

Fifth, I used a smiley face in a message on Facebook to another TI and it was one of his triggers. He was extremely upset that I used it and began to think I was “a plant.” You see, he had already told me about his trigger–he thought. There were a few Facebook messages he had sent me that, for some reason, I did not see, the app did not show, until after he got upset. (This is another example of pitting people against each other. It’s a divide-and-conquer strategy).

But I digress…

The main point: many unsolved drownings of young men under similar circumstances. Most or all had imbibed alcohol. All were alone when they disappeared. None or few seemed to be suicidal, in fact several quite the opposite with plans coming up.

Again, this was likely assassin training, testing of methodology. That’s why there is no link, that’s why they haven’t caught a serial killer (there isn’t one) and that’s why it’s unsolved, it’s a matter of “national security.” Electronic means involved. Possibly ‘Rigor mortis’ or some other thing that resulted in falling into water and drowning.

Victim age-range matches typical terrorist age-range. The alcohol may be simply for plausibility, clearly ‘rigor mortis’ worked on me sober.

Serial killers as cover story for illegal activities. No guarantee that this was the reason for all 40 deaths, of course. Accidents do still happen.


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