Patents and The Lucifer Effect

I’ve added a couple of links at right. A text file listing 100 patents that use electronics to manipulate humans in various ways. There’s one that is supposed to stop hallucinatory hearing of voices. Wonder how they know which part of the brain to stimulate in order to achieve that? Look at the dates. There was practically an explosion of the stuff before 9-11 and after. (I think what John Lennon was saying, is “give US Patent No. 6,135,944 a chance.”).

Also, a blog called ‘The Lucifer Effect’. It’s about the Stanford County Prison experiment and how ‘normal’ people can be turned into nazis, much like what has occurred in this country and elsewhere.

Also, I made a third sticky post, the one about the US Chamber of Commerce targeting reporters and others and their family members by using members of Top Secret America.

Finally, I had two tags serving the same purpose, Animal Behavior Control and Animal Control. The former was on eight posts, the latter on nine. Now they are both on all 17 rather than remove one of them.


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