Bath Salt Zombie Update

TIME – Pot, Not ‘Bath Salts’, Cited in Face Chewing

May 2014 Update: Link broken. Use this:

Of course that headline and the title of this post are a little misleading. They found marijuana but not the synthetic drug referred to as ‘bath salts’ in the man’s system. The coroner said he covered as much ground as possible in terms of testing but acknowledges it is nearly impossible to check for all of them. And I assume it goes without saying that pot alone is very likely not the cause of the man’s behavior (Reefer Madness was a propaganda turned exploitation piece that misrepresented the violent nature of pot-only smokers. A topic that still seems to frighten some folks).

So what was it? Can’t think it’s yet possible to do that electronically. When it is, we’ll know rather quickly. Some of us probably uncomfortably so. Wonder if someone eats a few members of Congress if that would get some legislation on electronic harassment.

Yeah, I know…even a crazed person wouldn’t eat something that rotten.

See the Zombies tag for previous posts about this and the 1950s Pont-St.-Esprit event.


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  1. […] may have forgotten the flesh-eating stories of last year and the, apparently false, claim that synthetic drugs generically called “bath salts” […]

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