The CIA-News-Network

I had thought this merely mildly amusing when I saw the first and then the second email alerts from CNN yesterday:



“Ok,” I thought, “someone got reamed for sending out the wrong pre-prepped email. Funny because it happened to a godawful news network who lives off of war, death and lies, but not a big deal otherwise.”

I was wrong. The entire goddam network screwed it up: BuzzFeed Politics – CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage.

What I find so amusing now is, what really happened? The clowns who run that place clearly thought they knew the answer before it was read. CNN wanted to be first by pretending to figure it out as it happened.

Manufactured news from the home of Interned-at-CIA Anderson Cooper, who, on Real Time with Bill Maher once stated that “Everyone thought Saddam Hussein had WMDs, so why ask questions before the invasion?” (which had been refuted on his own f***ing channel by WMD inspector and brainhacking / NKINTRA victim Scott Ritter, though of course they cut Ritter off mid-sentence to go to Condoleeza “No One Could Have Imagined Anyone Would Fly Planes Into the WTC * ” Rice saying the opposite).

They thought that they knew the answer. That’s a glimpse direct viewing of the Wizard behind the curtain.

This was once known as MOCKINGBIRD, CIA’s program of planting stories and running reporters as operatives (much as the US Naval intelligence did Bob Woodward). Wonder what went wrong?

* Except for the entire intel community, Richard Clarke, Tom Clancy and X-Files/Lone Gunmen creator Chris Carter.


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