What’s the Score?

Don’t ask me how I knew (voice-to-skull) but it was obvious almost out of the gate that the Sandusky scandal somehow, some way was related, fit in to the general trend I’ve been talking about on the blog.

There was a debate at the U of M while I was still in Minneapolis regarding creating sports majors. While I could see the concerns of those who opposed (basically concern over getting bullied like they did in high school dressed up in fancier terms), I thought and still think it is a good idea. What we are really talking about are sports history, sports management, sports marketing, and sports journalism (or concentrations).

First, it helps to bring money into schools so that need it for that other stuff that the physics, engineering and neuroscience types need. Second, it gets some folks into college who might otherwise skip it (getting some alternative points of view of the world than those provided previously is a good thing).

And of course the real reason…the main reason… As the schools continue to go broke, it is the Department of Defense who is going to pick up the slack. Much as Hollywood is becoming the mouthpiece for perpetual war, so will go the college campus. Would you rather have your over-testosteroned underwater basketweaving majors carrying footballs and baseball stats or rifles and battle plans? Do you think there will be any less groin v gray matter competition?

Because the far left’s desire to see undergrad college become the serious scholarly endeavor they hope for in the absence of sports and fraternities just isn’t going to happen without an economic solution based on something other than going elsewhere and taking s***.

Note: I’m only posting this because I want to have it once what I wrote above comes to pass or is shown to already be the case. Let’s not assume it hasn’t. Because clearly early warning doesn’t mean s*** around here.

Are We Done Yet?

You can read the whole thing here (and there is even apparently video of Dr. Barry Trower’s lecture at the University of Toronto). I have some issues with what he says (for example, if a cell tower were used–he isn’t exactly saying that–wouldn’t it affect everyone in range?), but unlike some of the other things I’ve run across, this one comes closest to passing the smell test if only from the history and how close it comes to matching many things I’ve run across and experienced.

It’s damn well true that Clinton signed an executive order banning the testing of microwaves on unsuspecting human subjects. It is also true, as stated in that same order that such testing was done.

But what is interesting is how well this list lines up, generally speaking with many of the symptoms and events that I have documented here and commented on from other places. Take a look:

Effects of Pulsed Microwave Radiation

Pulses or Modulations per second

Possible Result

1 Heartbeat Rhythm

1-3 Sleep Pattern

3-5 Paranoia/Hallucinations/Amnesia/ Illusions/Drowsiness ‘Absent’ Feeling

6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings/Visual Distortion/Confusion

8-11 Cannot Relax/Feeling Unwell/Unhappy

11-13 Anger/Manic Behaviour/Problems with Movement/Flashes/Loss of Appetite

14-18 Small Seizures/Disturbed Orientation/ Auditory/Visual Hallucinations

18+ Inability to make decisions/Sensory problems (sight/touch/sound)

24+** Confusion/Flickering/flashing lights/ Dizziness

35+ Mania/Hyperactivity

40+ Anxiety/Sleep disturbance/Reaction time slowed/Unable to make decisions

While I don’t think I have personally had anything at the 14+ range, it sure sounds like some other TIs have in reading their accounts.

So, let’s take them from the top.

1 – The “Heart Attack Machine.” Monaghan, the judge in the Squidgate preliminary hearing. Rush Limbaugh just at the beginning of 2010 after his girlfriend’s arrest in Chicago after New Year’s Eve. As I said, probably twice used on myself.

1-3 Sleep pattern. All over the place. Another thing that made/makes fulltime work impossible or nearly so.

3-5 Paranoia. Obviously. However, Balding damn well exists and damn well showed up at my doctor’s office, some Brit did have that creepy conversation with me and the Asian fellow did sit next to me at the movies, etc. Just part of the “treatment”, make them paranoid and spook them a little, spin them up so they run around after with their own brains mucking with them.

Then there were the Canadian border guards exactly two weeks prior to the Squidgate event who held reporter Amy Goodman for no apparent reason other than they were a bit paranoid.

3-5 Hallucinations/Illusions. As I said (as far as visual ones anyway) there was only the cloud thing which, given how bad/CGI-looking it was and lacking in imagination, I still say was the result of something like the SONY patent linked to at right. The only other things I chalked up to lack of sleep (which was also likely the result of microwaves), thinking on two or three occasions that I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. At no time did I see something that someone else who was there stated that they did not.

Additionally where the clouds were concerned, though it does appear in the end notes of a Watts book I read, that was far from my mind at the time and it was over a year later before I reviewed that to find it again and even consider that possibility. As I said, I originally kind of thought they slipped me a psychoactive (except the message seemed too deliberate).

As for auditory, I suppose that is possible. How can I know? But as I pointed out, clearly it was sometimes voice-to-skull because it relayed information that I otherwise could not have known. The noises that occurred in Brooklyn my ex also heard when he was there. But the noises in Minneapolis were again more like projected, not hallucinated since the guy living below me heard a lot of noise as well (and the direction being downward, my guess that it was coming from above, eg, a satellite).

3-5 Amnesia. A bit. There was that odd thing of thinking I had bought that massive hardback Sandman and I had not. But again, that is very specific and clearly intentional on someone’s part. Therefore, I have trouble with thinking of that as a random brainhack.

3-5 Drowsiness ‘Absent’ Feeling. Drowsiness on occasion for sure. Not sure what an absent feeling is.

6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings. My ex the day I nearly called 911 and he seemed almost catatonic. Of course I’ve been depressed now and again myself, but then I have real reasons I can point to (more than most).

6-7 Visual distortion. Nope. Not that I can recall.

6-7 Confusion. Oh, yeah. Nearly got hit by a car at least twice. This was what I thought of as being zombified. Hardly noticed the cars approaching.

How often does that happen? What questions are asked when there is a hit-and-run? Is one of them, “Was the driver and/or pedestrian affected by microwaves?” I’m guessing not. Another assassination tool and maybe the one I’ve mentioned with regards to both my son and the Squidgate juror’s son having been hit in much the same way with drivers behaving similarly (though my son was on a bike, hers was not).

The next range is kind of vague. Let’s jump ahead.

11-13 Anger. Now we’re talking. Hello tea partiers shouting incoherently at Congressmen. Hello proxy terrorists and shooters. Hello Arab Spring. Hello Civil War. Hello border guard who runs, punches and sprays before finding out what is going on. Hello me becoming livid at cop at grocery store acting weird and pulling on his sidearm in its holster.

Goodbye, society.

Random Post

Back in 2008, my ex and I went on a vacation. We did a domestic one that time in order to bring the dogs along. We drove the Northeast, Boston, then Maine. We even visited a beach in or near Kennebunkport (yeah, I know…not the reason).

It was in Maine, when ordering some food at a nifty bar/restaurant that I was schooled on lobster shortages due to red tide blooms which cause them to hibernate. No lobster to be eaten that Summer, or at least that late in it given the shortage.

Liberal Reasoning

(As in all too reasonable for their own good).

This is a piece by Henry Giroux, a reporter I respect immensely. I just don’t agree in this case. While both gun control and culture are perhaps factors, they are not the root problem. As is typical, here we are with a bulls*** ghost to chase (“the culture of violence”) that is not catchable, pointing to it and pursuing it does nothing at all, merely leaves us with the same festering problem.

Why, if it is merely culture, does the US lead so many countries in shootings? We export that same culture the same way we do war, McDonald’s and weapons.

Why are there so many similarities between these attacks? Why is it, as I asked before if the only other problem beyond the “culture of violence” is a malfunction in the brain, why is it they don’t instead do something non-violent but equally insane? Why is it that the targets, with very few exceptions, tend to be liberal democrats (in the case of Giffords), schools focusing on science or technology, or at a Hollywood film? (The exception being the Christian school in California, which happened long after I pointed out that voice-to-skull or similar tech and some psy ops were used to drive five or six young gay men to suicide).

The article in essence is saying, “Give up…nothing to be done except to turn everyone into reasonable peace-loving liberals like Mr. Giroux.” Not going to happen without re-education camps right out of the cobwebbed imagination of Michelle Bachman and Glenn Beck.

Next, here is Mark Karlin singing the same song. It’s our titillation with violence that is the problem. While we may have a titillation with violence, it’s nothing new. Rubber-necking goes back to the start of the automobile industry. People sometimes picnicked and watched live battles of the Civil War (and sometimes died doing so) so it goes back further than that. And America does not have a monopoly on that.

So what is it? I recently rewatched the opening scene to Every Which Way But Loose. (Sort of a joke to myself after finding myself yet again in the wrong place at the wrong time twice a blogged recently. Hint: the main character also pummels a biker gang called the Black Widows). As middle schoolers, my friends and I got a big kick out of it. But I was shocked when I noticed that Philo Beddoe (played by Clint Eastwood) throws the first punch when a man complains and calls him of all things, a “squirrel”. That would not happen in a film today. Today, the man would have to go beyond mere words otherwise you paint the protagonist as anti-free speech (as opposed to the original intent in the film, fantasy fulfillment of wanting to shut the loud drunk up at the bar but not actually doing so in real life because it is his right to make an ass of himself in that way). It makes him the bully. Political correctness has had some effect on film and TV since 1978. So why is there an increase in these kinds of things.

And yet, shootings at bars in real life have also skyrocketed. With Hollywood self-correcting (sort of) how is that possible?

Better example yet, I’m as much a product of this culture as anyone I know. I watched every cop show, read most of the Bond novels, science fiction including A Clockwork Orange (both print and celluloid).

And I have, not by accident, not by mistake, not out of some unconscious intent, but on absolute purpose in the most pernicious way had damn near every aspect of my life destroyed, removed, revoked, never to return. Further, any and all attempts to try to make a new one that at all resembles something like a life most Americans enjoy are thwarted, discouraged, verboten. I should, according to these reporters, have massacred a lot of people by now. I should have blown something up, taken someone out, done something that, according to them, I cannot help because this is just how I was brought up, what the culture taught me.

I even posted a rather violent scene from Miller’s Crossing recently on this blog…I still enjoy violence…in fiction. It seems I have no problem, at least when not drugged and intensely otherwise mucked with, having some portion of the facts at hand, in telling truth from narrative.

So what is it?

There is no question: if they could do this chemically or electronically, they would. Is there?

There is no question: they studied the “Manchurian candidate” and related subjects rather thoroughly and even got Nazi research on it from the 40s. Not in doubt, is it?

So what makes it so hard to accept that it is happening?

Because the only witnesses have been driven half or three-quarters out of their f***ing minds, which also is exactly what you would expect if what I’ve been saying is true.

It’s because none of the jarheads directly involved have come forward. Why would they? They are chosen for their lack of empathy, they are blackmailed by their past actions, they are strictly disciplined, watched, almost cultlike in structure, barraged with propaganda, brainwashed, and harshly disciplined.

In blaming everyone, you blame no one at all. Michael Moore covered this subject on his TV show. Canada has as many guns per capita as the US and yet much fewer gun deaths. Why? They see the same TV shows.

I’ll throw in one bone, one more small factor: devaluing education. Either we teach the young the right thing about handling guns or we don’t. But that’s not the cause either. Another thing that is not going to change.

Not unless the world of journos can crack NKINTRA. (And as I noted in the previous post, I don’t think it will matter any more even if they do, but I can’t let this go without saying something in opposition).

Big Picture Redux

“That’s when I knew, I knew they never got you.”

First, just a little business to get out of the way. Posted this February 23, 2012 on Facebook:

Musing about long story archs: A long gap between Batman 493 (May 1993) and Detective Comics 701 (September 1996) (the Bane cycle) but an even longer one between Final Night 4 (November 1996) and Green Lantern: Rebirth (December 2004).

Of course, the former retold story arch we’ll get to see on the big screen in July.

What’s the point? I’m not sure. Maybe there should be a team-up. The gd Batman, the mfing Green Lantern, and… well why not throw Blade in too?

Have them take on some vampires. That is what we’re talking about, isn’t it?

“The waaa-iting is the hardest part.”

Make of it what you will in the context of last Friday’s shooting, Clooney’s spinal injury on the set of Syriana (the injury that Bane inflicts on Batman in the Bane cycle I mentioned above), and the fact that insane people are apparently in charge of the government at the moment.

So, I’ve mentioned this before. I’ve even talked about how the 2005 hacking of EZBoard may have been a cleanup operation to put the climate change genie back in the bottle. There was a Pentagon think tank report on climate change that got leaked. It only got minimal coverage, I think NPR’s may have been one of three articles I viewed, the other sources being unfamiliar to me as I recall.

It’s not that I don’t think climate change is a very, very serious issue. It is. It’s the sticky-wicket of trying sort through what is being done about it, what isn’t, and why.

First, I think the report probably has several flaws and was politically motivated. By now, as I vaguely recall, Denmark should be underwater, and yet it is not. The UK should be “Siberia” and yet it is not. This is not to say those things cannot happen, merely that if the report was even close on the timeline, we should be there.

And what is the result of it being used as a weapon against politicians? First, it makes them less likely to question things like ramping up for war on yet another continent (I mean Africa, but North America would seem to be on the schedule as well). Being all three the keeper of such studies, the instrument of carrying out the recommendations, and being so close to the folks who profit off of doing those recommendations makes it all a bit suspicious in terms of validity. It would be one thing if it required heavy taxing of corporations, for example, in order to achieve. Instead, anyone who can think of another way to kill in order to reduce the population of the planet stands to become a millionaire if they have the right connections and get the contracts.

But let’s set aside the tax-grabbing greed part for a moment and focus on the idea here. In essence, rather than enact some kind of solution to handling the problem involving a worldwide effort, scientists from all over the planet communicating and sharing information, cooperation on finding solutions, what we have is an “answer” to a problem that is to an extent one of supply and demand with demand rising as a result of there being more people to demand supply. Forced population reduction.

I pause here for a moment to reflect and explain why I am bothering to even spell this out. It’s because this is what everyone involved–and I do mean everyone–wanted. Involving me in these machinations, jerking me forcibly out of my home, my comfort zone, destroying all of my closest relationships, repeated attempts to drive me to violence or suicide or accident, no matter who did what exactly, this is clearly why they did all of that or it wouldn’t have happened. Think of it as a collective thing. I’m sure many individuals within the events had no idea, probably still have no idea, but this is nonetheless the result. Accept it, you made it happen. (I know, there was the intent and comically bad execution to add “gay terrorists”–by “weaponizing” me, brainhacking or framing Bradley Manning, etc.–to the already incredibly long list of other groups of interest such as anyone who ever served in the military after the Lloyd Woodson and similar events. But from a population control perspective, shouldn’t you be encouraging gay relationships, gay marriage, etc.? Seems a great fit. Part of the plot of The Forever War, I think, gay soldier platoons.)

Also, I think rather than believing lies that have been told to them, people should understand why things are the way they are so that they can make the decision. Protecting the country is what government does. Reducing world population while snatching up as many resources as possible achieves that whether it is what Jesus would do or not. Taking energy to sustain transportation and arable land in order to grow food that will become scarce sounds logical.

But it is also incredibly selfish. Is is that this is really necessary, that there are no alternatives, that this is the only way? Or is it that there are people accustomed to living a certain way and this form of fascism we now face is the only way they see to preserve that (and see again the set aside enrichment one can gain by being the instrument of providing this extermination service).

I don’t know how Americans will react to be honest. We have tolerated oil wars for decades knowing that that was the real reason: to keep the price of gas down. We didn’t much care because they kept telling us what horrible people the leaders of those countries were. We accepted the lie (perhaps not a lie that these leaders typically are monsters, but a lie in that it is not the real reasons for going to the Persian Gulf) in order to not have to examine our own selfishness.

And that is where the brainhacking and surveillance state comes in. They are directing it inward because they think we would not accept that there is no better way, a way not requiring mass murder to survive, a way not requiring setting back the population clock fifty or a hundred years.

If honesty and transparency matter, as Obama recently said, that’s about as open and clear as I can make it. It’s easy to see how the Cheney fan club in the Pentagon would rebel and even refuse to be reined in. They think they are saving America. Maybe they are, but at the price of what she stands for, it’s just saving a plot of dirt, not the country we all claim to love.

Anyway, it seems to me that they have won. That’s why I don’t see the need for more of this domestic proxy violence. The domestic war is over. Congress clearly agrees with you and has and will hand you whatever you want, they even allow you to remove those who would oppose without lifting a finger in protest. Worldwide war it is. No need to be so brutal at home unless it’s just that you enjoy it. The euphoria thing clearly works with a little additional tweaking, so just do that and people won’t care what else you do to them, take away, do in their name. It’s just brain chemistry.

Another One Bites the Dust

Covering three topics.

Church of Scientology

There was apparently a show on NBC about former Church of Scientology members being harassed for having left. I think the video is here, haven’t seen it yet myself. Don’t have to, we’ve had quite the discussion over at MCForums Yahoo group.

In discussing the next part, that will seem like a leap but actually isn’t if you f***ing pay attention… Are you? In discussing it, you have to understand the history.

Hollywood was always been considered both a bastion for lefty thought and a tool for propaganda. Old westerns and war movies were part of creating narratives. There was the similar MOCKINGBIRD that we know was about influencing the news and the arts (an article about CIA promoting art in the 50s that they thought was atrocious but was Western and not Soviet, appeared in 2010 or 2011, as I recall. That was a similar effort).

So, got that so far? Washington had and has a very strong influence on Hollywood. As was also reported not long ago, the Department of Defense has been providing film producers with equipment, locations, and personnel without charge to the film. Tax payer funded. In exchange, they got editing rights over the scripts.

Moving on…

As such, I find it inconceivable that these controlling parties would allow a church to have such a strong influence over our media capital without having an influence over the church. Put simply, I (and voice-to-skull) posit that the Church of Scientology is a CIA front or similar now. Probably has been for some time.

Recall again all the dabbling in the occult during the Cold War, the interest in Jonestown, the idea of the Guerilla Warfare manual to control the minds of the public, the troops and the enemy troops. Whether it’s love, admiration or fear, John Wayne, as cowboy or soldier, inspired it all. Belief is a means of controlling minds as well.

Still not convinced? Read this one again. Propaganda piece starring the posterboy for the CoS and one actor who had some MK-Ultra type trouble of his own not long before shooting started that closely resembled any number of incidents I’ve cited on this blog (like Limbaugh’s girlfriend slugging a cop New Year’s Eve 09/10). Not to mention the you-have-got-to-be-s***ting-me-for-the-thousandth-time fact that I met the guy just days before that happened but did not have a single thing to do with it happening.

(For the record, I love Travolta’s work and as I said enjoyed the film for the fiction that it was. Jonny of course, too).

Arizona Shooting

Additionally, if you’ve read enough of this blog then you know what I think about what happened in Arizona. I don’t need to elaborate much.

A 3D-chess move that intimidates Hollywood while potentially hurting film sales while potentially sparking a revoking or limitation on the right to bear arms. While I do not think armed insurrection is the answer, I do think that last point is to make any coming resistance so lopsided that, when martial law or whatever you call a military coup these days comes, it will be very brief and ineffective.

Airline pilot eye injury via laser

This did not get that much attention but then after people eating each others’ faces, what would? It’s been a growing problem these lasers vs airplanes.

But then so may be arson utilizing the same tool. I’ll repeat what I sent out on Twitter: if they had caught the sock-puppet arsonist from the December 23, 2009 Brooklyn fire by now, we might have better legislation regarding lasers being used as weapons and fire-starters.

But then it follows the trend of allowing as much lawlessness as we can in order to cause strife. I get it. You don’t trust the public to behave when and if the s*** hits the fan with ecology and the economy.

Isn’t the whole damn point of what was done to me that there are constructive ways to avoid that? Christ, just hit us all with the happy gas or whatever it is and let it be.

Narrow Miss

Baby, there’s no excuse….
-Eddie Rabbitt

Gotta say, I did not see that coming. Kinda brilliant, kinda not.

In essence, ladies and germs, some select part of our dear intelligence community tried to set me up, make it seem as though I was an informant. The previous post (which is no longer public) contained several inaccuracies. It seems those arrests were for far more serious charges than I was told.

And, it of course just so happened that I attended a National Guard member going off to Iraq party and a one-year old birthday picnic in which members of the indicted organization were in attendance. I was, of course, one of the few people that few people at either function knew, and not being a Harley kind of guy, stood out like a sore thumb.

Hilarious, but those who tried to set me up have to ask themselves something. Why is it that they keep f***ing up, keep missing, keep failing?