The Terror Makers

Continuing along the lines of the US government attempting to turn me into a terrorist or crazed murderer from the previous post (or to try to frame me for same from the one before that)…

Recall again the bizarre brainwashing the began with an odd visit from someone I don’t know. He seemed to be thanking me for attempting to help Peter Watts out of his dilemma (that being the bridge issues that we refer to as Squidgate). Recall also the 1955 draft MK-Ultra memo item 12, to make someone dependent upon someone else.

I think I should pause here for a moment to make clear what I would and would not do back when any of that mattered. I would send emails regarding it. I would post things on Internet pages regarding it. I would buy anyone a beer I thought might have the slightest inkling who the f*** he was.

What I would not do is stand outside anyone’s home in the dark watching the place. Nor even try to find out their address or phone number (no, not even when it was readily available in court documents) when email is available as a communication method.

And believe me, in some ways this brainwashing made the mere thought of this person at times every bit as addictive as cigarettes…as much as, I can only imagine, heroin must be but without the physical withdrawal stuff.

Why, then would I not go to such lengths? Well, first, alienating the friends and acquaintances of someone you thought you were interested in hardly seems a good move. Second, getting arrested doesn’t sound like a good idea (especially when you know that is precisely what the a-holes in the intelligence community who have been harassing you want). Third, the people I thought likely to know the answer I was also rather fond of. Stalking them just didn’t strike me as very friendly.

(I say most of that because I just never had the chance otherwise).

Moving on…

There was, when Peter had his issues at the border, on the bridge, a passenger in the car with him. He never said who it was on his blog so neither will I. He testified at the trial, I met him there.

There was, I was certain, somewhere the mention of the fact that when they handcuffed him, it was to a fence or other such object nearby and that he was left there for hours. Understand that voice-to-skull or whatever it was made sure that I at least strongly considered that that person must have been the same one I saw in the deli, had been brainwashed over.

Rather than accept that as fact, I attempted to find out a few days before the trial by asking a friend of Peter’s an innocuous question like, what was the age of the person in the car with Peter? Some way to know if it was the same person or not without asking that directly or otherwise having them think I was in any way attempting to undermine Peter’s legal defense. Understandably, they did not want to meet with me so close to the start of the trial. In fact, this was a last minute idea once I realized I was passing through Toronto to get to Michigan from New York. However, I did leave NYC early to give myself some “cool down” time between the intense harassment in NY and the start of the trial. Walking in and seeing the store-guy there and knowing he’d been mistreated without preparing myself for that might have had an angry, embarrassing or worse result.

Now recall also that my old friend, T. Ryder Smith, an actor from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, also wound up doing the audio book voice work for Peter’s novel, Blindsight. And that it was only because my friend Stu handed me a copy of it to read that I read it in paper form at all and that that was before knowing that Smith had any connection to Peter at all. That coincidence alone is just flashing “weird” if not “covert ops” in bright neon all by its lonesome.

Recall also that when they harassed Kara Miller, that they had her convinced that Smith was either the Devil or worked for the CIA. She didn’t know what was going on or how it was done, but she knew it had to be supernatural or superscience.

Again, this was to provoke me to assume Smith had somehow planned all of this and to run off and kill him. To make matters worse, there was at least one person on the Internet (probably more) whom they tried to convince me was Smith (at least one probably was, but I have no reason to think he’s any or much more resistant to brainhacking than anyone else).

As if that weren’t enough, I ran across this:

October 12, 2009 staged reading of The Laramie Project at La Jolla Playhouse. The show is about the death of Matthew Shepherd and the aftermath. Smith was in it (see toward end of top paragraph).

Which implicated both Smith as sort of mocking me and the border guards for handcuffing my “brainwashed love” to a railing for several hours. (That is, if you have people using electronics to put ideas like that into your head. Smith was, I am sure, very sincere and happy to be a part of that show).

I was somewhat relieved to find that it was not the same person in the car with Peter as I had seen in the store, the guy that they “affixed” me to using drugs, harassment, psyops, etc., though I was certainly still upset that it happened to anyone at all.

Again, I cannot help but wonder, are these the sorts of things they did to Ivins, Kaczynski, Breivik, Ortega-Hernandez, Koresh, Jim Jones (and, why not? Osama bin Laden, etc) and if so…why is it still happening? Where is the system failing? How can government-sponsored terrorism continue when I know there are people aware of it who would not approve? Why and how is it possible in the United States of America to have a group of people getting away with trying up drive others insane, to push them to commit crimes, etc.? I don’t expect perfection, but this is a real threat, not the phony bulls*** that they make up to scare money out of Congress.


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