Assassin Training – The Third Data Point (Updated)

(Added last paragraph.)

As I have noted previously, both my son and the son of the Squidgate juror were run over (and survived). In both of those cases the drivers did not seem to know what had happened or what was happening at the time.

Also, this was the method of demise for at least one WMD scientist in 1999 or 2000 when seven or eight of them died within a relatively short period (and therefore were not around once the time to invade Iraq came around, just Scott Ritter whom they assassinated character instead). And of course, Chris Hatcher, expert on brainwashing.

And so I got yet a third story today. Relative of the juror’s husband ran over a young woman in 2007. He wasn’t even certain he was the driver (he had a passenger with him). He had been drinking, but I take that as the plausibility portion. (In both of the cases at top, neither had been drinking and both tested negative for drugs).

This is training for a whole new generation of killers. That they choose Native Americans and the son of a gay man should come as no surprise. Recall diseased blankets in the first case and pink triangles in the second. That is what we are talking about.

Funny thing is, no wonder they are going so crazy about leaks. Imagine, they can’t come after me directly for it because that would be a sort of confirmation, but they must be going mad wondering who it is that is feeding me the info via voice-to-skull.

Update: I mean what are the odds? Chris Hedges – Time to take a lesson from Crazy Horse This came to my inbox one hour and twenty six minutes after I posted the rest above. As noted previously, Hedges was the one who closely echoed the point of The Wisp (regarding the very dangerous privatization of anti-terror, security, police, fire fighting, etc. that is actually happening).


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