Targ Episode 4 and Andy Griffith

Targ is a comic about organized stalking. You can find the episodes here. (I understand that that domain and website will be expiring at some point in the near future).

Episode 4 reminds me also (that is, besides two dead dogs of my own, and the pets of others) of the time that security guard Richard Jewel found and reported a pipe bomb (placed at a concert by a radical rightwing domestic terror group) and the FBI psychologists said that Jewel planted it himself to get attention. He was later vindicated when they realized their error.

And we wonder why this nonsense has gone on this long.

Speaking of which, little known story, when Andy Griffith was doing A Stranger Face in the Crowd, the director had the entire crew and Griffith’s wife treat him badly in order to get the meanness out of the man. He was genuinely a nice guy but was portraying someone who was not. After it was over, he could not re-adapt to people being nice to him. He sued, got therapy and a divorce, or so I recall from the story I was told in college (his Wikipedia entry does not reflect some of that). That was organized harassment.

That’s my tribute to him.



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