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Been spending some time discussing various issues with other TIs over on the Yahoo mailing list MCActivism. Unfortunately, it’s a closed group, so i can’t link to the emails. You can, of course, join the group if you have the stomach for it. Been comparing notes, making the sound argument that it is completely impossible that there is a giant conspiracy or even a small one that the American (and for the overseas folks, British, Canadian, Israeli and even Italian SISMI, etc.) intelligence community would not know about and if they knew the threat to the social order they would have handed this other entity its ass by now. Therefore, the logic is inescapable: they are the ones responsible (most likely through loose coordination with subcontractors, front companies, corporate conglomerate cooperation, and some part of DoD that just doesn’t ask questions even when they are attacking their own citizens).

That they have sold out to entities like international banks making money off of wars, laundering drug money, etc. and the US Chamber of Commerce is irrelevant. Take away the toys, Top Secret America contractors, agency favors, and ops and these multinationals would find themselves with only their PR and legal departments to depend on.

For example, there is one BC person who either has Morgellons or they have some other method of creating wounds remotely. Static electricity can cause scratchlike wounds…working in a carpeted hirise commercial office building for almost two decades played havoc with my ankles in that regard when the conditions were right.

I remember the first time I saw those “scratches” and for a second wondered if rats hadn’t been chewing my ankles. Then I realized it was just working for corporate rat clientele in their natural habitat.

Remote stigmata…think this one earns the Fauxpocalypse tag.


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