This was one that sort of slipped by me. I thought nothing of it at the time and it wasn’t until later that I realized what may have occurred.

At some point, probably mid-December or so, as Peter Watts was awaiting the preliminary hearing (December 23, 2009 as it turned out) or the trial (March 2010), there were some people showing up at his blog posting insults, threats and other harassing sorts of things. There was one in particular who also had his own blog.

In googling that particular character, I came across another website that at first seemed to be the same person perhaps. Recall again that by this time I had undoubtedly been drugged and otherwise had my head mucked with, so the logic circuits in my head were at times very slow to engage (sometimes very, very slow…like months or years slow).

It was a photography site. The photos were exclusively of ten, eleven and twelve year old boys with their shirts off. I found that initially hilarious and sought the most incriminating photo I could find, thinking I could post a link to it back on Pete’s blog and shut the idiot harasser up.

Well, i didn’t find any naked photos, so that was kind of a wash. As I read this Frenchman’s writing on his website it also became clear that this pervy photographer had a much better grasp of the English language than the harasser did. So, I figured it wasn’t the same person and lamented that I wouldn’t be able to drop the shut-up bomb on him at Rifters.

But let’s look at that from another perspective. The harasser may have been just a crank (though if so I would heavily suggest he was being sock-puppeted to do so much like that woman who harassed Scott Bakker) or…he may have been a phony identity. The military and CIA have a piece of software that allows one operative sitting wherever to pretend to be several. This package can spoof IP addresses and keep the same person logged into social networking sites as different people simultaneously (note that that latter part is a simple thing to do on a native Linux machine without much trouble by using different instances of the operating system. Being the government, we undoubtedly paid someone a fortune to reinvent the wheel).

What if it was a trap? How hard would it be to generate a phony report from that and attach a few photos regarding my browsing history? Leave out the google seaches that landed me there and it looks a bit creepy.

Anyway, as this was shortly before several people started acting strangely at work, you gotta wonder, though I chalk that up to brainhacking and psyops as well.

See also this post which I also recently linked to. For those who don’t know, RUMINT stands for Rumor Intelligence which is typically used to get an intel apparatus to take out someone’s enemies. It’s like ELINT (electronic intelligence), PHOTINT (photographic intelligence), etc. I don’t know if those terms are still used, they are cold war or older terms.

The other point of doing these sorts of ops is to try to embarrass the target to make them STFU. These and those involving bodily functions, rashes, etc. are designed to do that.


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