About a month ago, I did a web search for NKINTRA, just to see if it had popped up anywhere else yet. What I found was a bar website that had a Twitter follow feed for #NKINTRA:


Of course I have no way of knowing why someone would do this. Could be any number of innocent reasons for doing so. However, my recent experience of assuming the good intentions of others has not been stellar. In fact, I’m finding that if you simply think of the worst case scenario, then wait a few days in order to think or something even more horrifying or cynical, that you usually hit the nail right on the head. It’s like magic. It’s as if people involved in the intel, defense and finance industry are utterly incapable of doing anything helpful for the 99%.

So, when I first Whois-ed Worldbars.com, I found a connection to JAG Business Development or JAG Real Estate (same company according to the State of Arizona). When I went back to grab a screenshot two minutes later, the ownership data was suddenly screened/protected (see the note, “Updated: 1 minute ago”? I expect that refers to my view of the page, not the info, but it was that fast, about two minutes in between visits):


But I remembered what I saw. Which lead me to who apparently owned or owns it, which lead me to what else this person is involved with:


Don’t know what it means, exactly. Here’s the start of Chemsmart’s blurb:

Drug delivery agents consisting of compounds that facilitate delivery of a wide range of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use; …

Again, interest in NKINTRA does not necessarily mean there is anything nefarious. Was this the supplier for the vaccine that made Cleo so ill we had to put her to sleep? Is this a CIA or DoD front company involved in some of the research I’ve mentioned on this blog, been witness to? Or something else? I don’t know. But it’s damn weird, especially the up-to-the-minute change in domain info.

Speaking of bars, what else comes to mind is the weirdness of those series of them in Greenwich Village co-owned by a former Army, Westpoint grad. Testing on gays? Or something to do with DADT? Don’t know but there was definitely something up at those places.

Finally, a caveat: it’s also possible that this is a red herring. Always have to consider that. They would love nothing more than to “poison” the pool of evidence to discredit it as a whole. Could be the data I saw or thought I saw before it changed was false, fed to my browser or even my head. Or it could be, after a month including more attempts to drive me to suicide via electronics, that I’ve just forgotten the exact chain of events. However, I did label the screen shot as having changed after two minutes, so one of those three things happened.


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