Another One Bites the Dust

Covering three topics.

Church of Scientology

There was apparently a show on NBC about former Church of Scientology members being harassed for having left. I think the video is here, haven’t seen it yet myself. Don’t have to, we’ve had quite the discussion over at MCForums Yahoo group.

In discussing the next part, that will seem like a leap but actually isn’t if you f***ing pay attention… Are you? In discussing it, you have to understand the history.

Hollywood was always been considered both a bastion for lefty thought and a tool for propaganda. Old westerns and war movies were part of creating narratives. There was the similar MOCKINGBIRD that we know was about influencing the news and the arts (an article about CIA promoting art in the 50s that they thought was atrocious but was Western and not Soviet, appeared in 2010 or 2011, as I recall. That was a similar effort).

So, got that so far? Washington had and has a very strong influence on Hollywood. As was also reported not long ago, the Department of Defense has been providing film producers with equipment, locations, and personnel without charge to the film. Tax payer funded. In exchange, they got editing rights over the scripts.

Moving on…

As such, I find it inconceivable that these controlling parties would allow a church to have such a strong influence over our media capital without having an influence over the church. Put simply, I (and voice-to-skull) posit that the Church of Scientology is a CIA front or similar now. Probably has been for some time.

Recall again all the dabbling in the occult during the Cold War, the interest in Jonestown, the idea of the Guerilla Warfare manual to control the minds of the public, the troops and the enemy troops. Whether it’s love, admiration or fear, John Wayne, as cowboy or soldier, inspired it all. Belief is a means of controlling minds as well.

Still not convinced? Read this one again. Propaganda piece starring the posterboy for the CoS and one actor who had some MK-Ultra type trouble of his own not long before shooting started that closely resembled any number of incidents I’ve cited on this blog (like Limbaugh’s girlfriend slugging a cop New Year’s Eve 09/10). Not to mention the you-have-got-to-be-s***ting-me-for-the-thousandth-time fact that I met the guy just days before that happened but did not have a single thing to do with it happening.

(For the record, I love Travolta’s work and as I said enjoyed the film for the fiction that it was. Jonny of course, too).

Arizona Shooting

Additionally, if you’ve read enough of this blog then you know what I think about what happened in Arizona. I don’t need to elaborate much.

A 3D-chess move that intimidates Hollywood while potentially hurting film sales while potentially sparking a revoking or limitation on the right to bear arms. While I do not think armed insurrection is the answer, I do think that last point is to make any coming resistance so lopsided that, when martial law or whatever you call a military coup these days comes, it will be very brief and ineffective.

Airline pilot eye injury via laser

This did not get that much attention but then after people eating each others’ faces, what would? It’s been a growing problem these lasers vs airplanes.

But then so may be arson utilizing the same tool. I’ll repeat what I sent out on Twitter: if they had caught the sock-puppet arsonist from the December 23, 2009 Brooklyn fire by now, we might have better legislation regarding lasers being used as weapons and fire-starters.

But then it follows the trend of allowing as much lawlessness as we can in order to cause strife. I get it. You don’t trust the public to behave when and if the s*** hits the fan with ecology and the economy.

Isn’t the whole damn point of what was done to me that there are constructive ways to avoid that? Christ, just hit us all with the happy gas or whatever it is and let it be.


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