Liberal Reasoning

(As in all too reasonable for their own good).

This is a piece by Henry Giroux, a reporter I respect immensely. I just don’t agree in this case. While both gun control and culture are perhaps factors, they are not the root problem. As is typical, here we are with a bulls*** ghost to chase (“the culture of violence”) that is not catchable, pointing to it and pursuing it does nothing at all, merely leaves us with the same festering problem.

Why, if it is merely culture, does the US lead so many countries in shootings? We export that same culture the same way we do war, McDonald’s and weapons.

Why are there so many similarities between these attacks? Why is it, as I asked before if the only other problem beyond the “culture of violence” is a malfunction in the brain, why is it they don’t instead do something non-violent but equally insane? Why is it that the targets, with very few exceptions, tend to be liberal democrats (in the case of Giffords), schools focusing on science or technology, or at a Hollywood film? (The exception being the Christian school in California, which happened long after I pointed out that voice-to-skull or similar tech and some psy ops were used to drive five or six young gay men to suicide).

The article in essence is saying, “Give up…nothing to be done except to turn everyone into reasonable peace-loving liberals like Mr. Giroux.” Not going to happen without re-education camps right out of the cobwebbed imagination of Michelle Bachman and Glenn Beck.

Next, here is Mark Karlin singing the same song. It’s our titillation with violence that is the problem. While we may have a titillation with violence, it’s nothing new. Rubber-necking goes back to the start of the automobile industry. People sometimes picnicked and watched live battles of the Civil War (and sometimes died doing so) so it goes back further than that. And America does not have a monopoly on that.

So what is it? I recently rewatched the opening scene to Every Which Way But Loose. (Sort of a joke to myself after finding myself yet again in the wrong place at the wrong time twice a blogged recently. Hint: the main character also pummels a biker gang called the Black Widows). As middle schoolers, my friends and I got a big kick out of it. But I was shocked when I noticed that Philo Beddoe (played by Clint Eastwood) throws the first punch when a man complains and calls him of all things, a “squirrel”. That would not happen in a film today. Today, the man would have to go beyond mere words otherwise you paint the protagonist as anti-free speech (as opposed to the original intent in the film, fantasy fulfillment of wanting to shut the loud drunk up at the bar but not actually doing so in real life because it is his right to make an ass of himself in that way). It makes him the bully. Political correctness has had some effect on film and TV since 1978. So why is there an increase in these kinds of things.

And yet, shootings at bars in real life have also skyrocketed. With Hollywood self-correcting (sort of) how is that possible?

Better example yet, I’m as much a product of this culture as anyone I know. I watched every cop show, read most of the Bond novels, science fiction including A Clockwork Orange (both print and celluloid).

And I have, not by accident, not by mistake, not out of some unconscious intent, but on absolute purpose in the most pernicious way had damn near every aspect of my life destroyed, removed, revoked, never to return. Further, any and all attempts to try to make a new one that at all resembles something like a life most Americans enjoy are thwarted, discouraged, verboten. I should, according to these reporters, have massacred a lot of people by now. I should have blown something up, taken someone out, done something that, according to them, I cannot help because this is just how I was brought up, what the culture taught me.

I even posted a rather violent scene from Miller’s Crossing recently on this blog…I still enjoy violence…in fiction. It seems I have no problem, at least when not drugged and intensely otherwise mucked with, having some portion of the facts at hand, in telling truth from narrative.

So what is it?

There is no question: if they could do this chemically or electronically, they would. Is there?

There is no question: they studied the “Manchurian candidate” and related subjects rather thoroughly and even got Nazi research on it from the 40s. Not in doubt, is it?

So what makes it so hard to accept that it is happening?

Because the only witnesses have been driven half or three-quarters out of their f***ing minds, which also is exactly what you would expect if what I’ve been saying is true.

It’s because none of the jarheads directly involved have come forward. Why would they? They are chosen for their lack of empathy, they are blackmailed by their past actions, they are strictly disciplined, watched, almost cultlike in structure, barraged with propaganda, brainwashed, and harshly disciplined.

In blaming everyone, you blame no one at all. Michael Moore covered this subject on his TV show. Canada has as many guns per capita as the US and yet much fewer gun deaths. Why? They see the same TV shows.

I’ll throw in one bone, one more small factor: devaluing education. Either we teach the young the right thing about handling guns or we don’t. But that’s not the cause either. Another thing that is not going to change.

Not unless the world of journos can crack NKINTRA. (And as I noted in the previous post, I don’t think it will matter any more even if they do, but I can’t let this go without saying something in opposition).


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