What’s the Score?

Don’t ask me how I knew (voice-to-skull) but it was obvious almost out of the gate that the Sandusky scandal somehow, some way was related, fit in to the general trend I’ve been talking about on the blog.

There was a debate at the U of M while I was still in Minneapolis regarding creating sports majors. While I could see the concerns of those who opposed (basically concern over getting bullied like they did in high school dressed up in fancier terms), I thought and still think it is a good idea. What we are really talking about are sports history, sports management, sports marketing, and sports journalism (or concentrations).

First, it helps to bring money into schools so that need it for that other stuff that the physics, engineering and neuroscience types need. Second, it gets some folks into college who might otherwise skip it (getting some alternative points of view of the world than those provided previously is a good thing).

And of course the real reason…the main reason… As the schools continue to go broke, it is the Department of Defense who is going to pick up the slack. Much as Hollywood is becoming the mouthpiece for perpetual war, so will go the college campus. Would you rather have your over-testosteroned underwater basketweaving majors carrying footballs and baseball stats or rifles and battle plans? Do you think there will be any less groin v gray matter competition?

Because the far left’s desire to see undergrad college become the serious scholarly endeavor they hope for in the absence of sports and fraternities just isn’t going to happen without an economic solution based on something other than going elsewhere and taking s***.

Note: I’m only posting this because I want to have it once what I wrote above comes to pass or is shown to already be the case. Let’s not assume it hasn’t. Because clearly early warning doesn’t mean s*** around here.


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