Daily Mail UK :

The Dark Knight gunman bought a terrifying arsenal of weapons after he failed a key university exam, it was revealed today, leading experts to believe he may have snapped under the pressure of meeting the expectations of his brilliant academic father.

Details emerged today about the glittering career of James Holmes’ father Robert, who has degrees from Stanford, UCLA and Berkeley and currently works as a senior scientist at FICO in San Diego.


FOX found a fellow student who said he was an idiot when he was 18 at neuroscience camp, “nothing special,” and yet he was working on his PhD when this happened six years later. Read the article and see what impression you get.

Article also suggests he may have “snapped” (suddenly had his dormant schizophrenia come to the surface) after failing a test. As is typical, no one is asking why he failed it. I tell you, having a psy ops team in your head for an extended period of time after having your brain slammed by whatever drug, etc. is rather distracting.

Well, let the bulls*** begin continue so when it all comes pouring out we can watch those who should have done something squirm.

My question, what really happened to the MK/Ultra notes that were supposed to have been destroyed? Note again, CIA was using contractors and fronts even then to put degrees of separation between them and their ops. Did whoever had them make copies, sell them, go into business for themselves?

More importantly, why aren’t those responsible getting their s*** stomped?


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