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#1299 C4ISR Booze Allen and artificial telepathy

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Synthetic Telepathy Patent 6587729 “Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect” Flanagan, GP “Nervous System Excitation Device” 7/16/68 Puharich, HK and Lawrence, JL “Hearing Systems” 12/21/71 Malech, RG “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brainwaves” 4/20/76 Stocklin, PL “Hearing Device” 8/22/89 Brunkan, WB “Hearing System” 10/31/89 Mardirossian, A “Communication system and method including brainwave analysis and/or use of brain activity” 1/4/00

In 2002, Booz Allen had more than 1000 former intelligence officers on its staff, and its government contracts rose dramatically after 911, “from $626,000 in 2000 to $1.6 billion in 2006. Most of the latter figure, $932 million, was with the Department of Defense, where Booz Allen’s major customers included the NSA, the Army, the Air Force, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the National Guard. In 2006, it was one of seven firms awarded a ten-year contract to bid on up to $20 billion worth of work in command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaisance — a mouthful of a term usually referred to as C4ISR — for the Army’s Communications and Electronics Command, which is based in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

The term C4ISR is a perfect descriptor for Artificial Telepathy — a powerful fusion of signal processing technologies that allows technicians to remotely gather and collect human intelligence (HUMINT) from the brain signals (SIGINT) of other human beings. As with C4ISR, Artificial Telepathy automates “signals collection” (eavesdropping) and “intelligence analysis” (figuring out what people intend to do) by utilizing satellites and computers, and the overall goal is military command and control. Indeed, one might define Artificial Telepathy as a subset of C4ISR with a special focus on neurology, psychology and mind control. Artificial Telepathy is an exotic form of C4ISR that allows warriors to communicate nonvocally with soldiers in the field, enables spies and intelligence agents to perform reconnaissance and surveillance nonlocally by means of “remote viewing,” and allows military officers to command and control the behavior of human minds at a distance, with the artificial aid of carefully networked satellite and computer technology. Booz Allen Hamilton certainly has close ties to the contractors who worked on the Pentagon’s “Stargate” program for psychic spying in the 1990s, and it took a lead role in development of the NSA’s “Total Information Awareness” projects, mentioned in earlier posts. BAH must certainly be on the short list of firms capable of designing and launching a system of space-based, mind-invasive weaponry. It has all the people, pull and know-how needed to put an “electronic concentration camp system” in place.

BAH is also where neocon and former head of CIA James Woolsey wound up. As I recall, they also contracted with both CIA and FBI, but that is from memory and several years old.

BAH is also the former employer of a D&D player I shared a game with in 2004, 2005 or so, Curt Sawyer. F***ing check it like every other goddam thing I’ve documented here.

Speaking of V2K, I guess it was about February after sending in my check for Ad Astra attendance that I was sent a short message which sounded like a recording that had the first word or words cut out: “…kill Peter Watts.” The tone also suggested it was perhaps part of a question rather than a declarative or a command. In any case, obviously did not have the effect intended.

But see again how that worked? By sending a sound-byte that was incomplete like that is again wiggling within their interpretation of the law. “We didn’t actually TELL him to kill anyone…” etc. This was one of the ways I initially realized this s*** was not coming from my imagination.

What is sad is how I have been up one side and down the other with this government and there have been three major shootings recently that would not have had to happen if people were doing their jobs, if Congress did its job, if journalists could crack it, if there was not such an emphasis for some reason on removing all whistleblowing, etc. People are dead who did not have to die.



  1. […] Booz Allen Hamilton (see possible connection to behavorial modification as well as to my NYC past here), for example, and overseas outsourcer of tech phone workers, […]

  2. […] Booz Allen Hamilton (see possible connection to behavorial modification as well as to my NYC past here), for example, and overseas outsourcer of tech phone workers, […]

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