BLACK BOOT DIARIES – How to Defeat Brainwashing in Three Easy Steps

So let’s review, shall we? In reference to the recording mentioned in the previous post, my trip to Canada, etc.

Decided to go to Ad Astra (April) in February. This was followed by lots of Hollywood ending stuff being shoved into my brain. I mean, there’s more than one way to emigrate, isn’t there? There was even a lovely young lady who recounted her experience with her betrothed at the border. They used that as well, pushed it, shoved it down my throat. I know she clearly had no idea, it was from her point of view some good advice for anyone.

And yet I knew it was all bulls***. Simple as, “Fool me once…”? (Unlike your average village idiot, I know the rest). Don’t really know. Maybe. I would in fact have been very, very surprised to see what’s-his-name-who-probably-doesn’t-even-exist-or-if-he-does-works-for-one-of-these-corrupted-organizations there at all. Yet, for some reason I kept up the ruse until I got across the border.

The plan: panicked, pissed and disappointed, go ballistic. Much like the failed attempt at the sentencing hearing over the Conway arson after doppleganging Beaudry’s father and two brothers.

What actually wound up happening: pretty much nothing. An enjoyable conversation and I hope some measure of explanation for what transpired previously. (And those nifty photos of the place where MKULTRA experiment 68 took place which I only recently discovered included video taping officials having sex with children in order to blackmail them into continuing to fund shocking brains to the point students at McGill forgot their own parents and sucked their thumbs. Isn’t it great to have patriots like that watching our backs without the slightest f***ing bit of oversight from Congress?). And that weird thing where I wound up at the poetry reading and, of course, Gabe.

It’s like these clowns have the Midas touch except substitute feces for gold. I mean, if they had actually been any good at getting results beyond fostering hatred of Muslims and seeing to the US has only war and preying on its own citizens as industries, would our economy be in the mess it is? I don’t think so.

And yet there are no heads on the ground to point to. That’s what’s most disappointing. Just how bad does it have to get before the adults step in? Time will tell.

(As for why I waited to mention the recording, with everything else going on, I forgot. I can be such a doofus sometimes. 🙂 ).


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