So, this is a “best guess” post.

It goes back to mid to late 1989. Think I described this elsewhere on this blog, but am going to do it again rather than link back.

After a disagreement with a co-worker (whom they more recently tried to direct my ire toward), I was sitting alone in the student center. I’m guessing this was before school started at Drew University because the place was empty. As I noted before, I “felt” as if a gun were put to the left side of my head and there was a tingly sensation on the right as if someone had sort of pulled the trigger. At the time and for several years after, I just didn’t know what to make of it. Still don’t entirely, but since I don’t believe in voodoo, I’m going with hypnosis.

The question then becomes, when and how was I hypnotized. As I recall, the confrontation and subsequent violent event occurred in the evening during a stage set changeover. The phony voodoo event occurred during daylight, and so I think it was the next day or perhaps two days after. Therefore, the most likely time for planting suggestions would be while sleeping.

Since the Frey effect was demonstrated in 1973 and 1974, and this is sixteen or fifteen years later, I’m going with remote “synthetic telepathy” while sleeping. The suggestion planted, it triggered later in the day while awake.


But that got me thinking. What if some of the other experiences, the shark and mushroom clouds for example, were also done that way. What if that Sony thing is not operational yet, merely the product of a combination of drugs increasing trust (oxytocin levels?) with voice-to-skull suggesting I will “see” it?

I was very sleep-deprived also at that time. I saw, as I said, on two occasions, people walking out of the corner of my eye only to look up seconds later to see no one around at all. I chalked that up to lack of sleep also (wake dreaming, brain trying to catch up on what REM provides) but why not hypnosis instead?

Then there was the period (2010, I think, but cannot recall exactly when, might have been early 2011) when, while typing up some posts like these, I had a great deal of trouble with verb tenses. Let me be more specific… though I was detailing things that happened in the past, I felt forced to use the present tense. It was quite a while after that happened, and I tried partly in vain to rewrite some of those in past tense, that I realized where I had seen that idea before. Hypnosis.

And so the list goes on and on. Some of the thoughts in that deli were not mine, not what I would have been thinking. And, the ridiculous puppet show of the owner telling me to have a seat just before that encounter. Completely staged without most or all of the participants realizing it. But was that “on the spot” suggestion or had someone gone to the trouble of planting it the night before? Don’t know.

EDIT: Of course there’s a hole here. I don’t think you can “talk” a dog into being on the wrong road at the wrong time. Yeah, the Sony thing must work. “Upload” a fake odor electronically and the dog will go wherever you want when you want. Maybe a faux sound, though, or a real one beyond human range. Then make sure your puppet driver is in the vicinity. END EDIT

And, though I’ve alluded to it before, it seems incredibly dumb or brazen for CIA to be using things that they researched, that are so obviously from the old programs:

6. Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

I don’t say that means it isn’t, but I do say it would tend to point to someone who has a grudge or is a competitor, whether that’s another agency, a subcontractor who wants more of the work, or one who is not happy about where he wound up.

You can see why someone might think actors would be good subjects for this. It’s like taking direction, doing a performance. Of course when you choose people who like to improvise, who for whatever reason have authority issues, it might not have been a good idea. You know, the actor’s revenge.


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