Finders, Weepers and Just Losers {Updated}

Recently ran across this little gem {old US News article gone, wayback link:
} that serves so many good purposes that I will probably miss a few. This is regarding the so-called Finders case. Essentially, local police in Florida caught a couple of men with several children ages 2 to 7 who did not belong to them. They traced part of the trail back and got some help from Customs. The kids had been told they were being taken to a school for smart kids in Mexico. By the time the Florida cops and Customs got knee deep into the investigation, they were told by DC police to butt out, that FBI had likewise been told to butt out, that it was “a CIA internal matter.”

Investigation closed by DCPD

One additional note, the investigators found “evidence” of Satan worship materials. (See the FOIA document here).

One of the more fun aspects of the article, how they admit that they have one (just one!) tenuous connection to the CIA and then, later in the article point out that there are two more:

The only connection, according to the CIA: A firm that provided computer training to CIA officers also employed several members of the Finders.

None of this fazes Pettie. He says the CIA’s interest in the Finders may stem from the fact that his late wife once worked for the agency and that his son worked for a CIA proprietary firm, Air America.

I posted on this subject at least twice before, but that was in the midst of some pretty heavy remote torture and most likely still some effects of substances unknown or electronic devices that effect the brain in such a way as to emulate the effects of some drug or other. What I refer to as having one’s brain “pinged.”

What was really happening? In order to understand that, you have to understand a few other things first.

The Royal House of Saud, the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, is made up of (this is a 90s or early 00s number) 1,700 members. Collectively, they own everything in the country. If a Saudi citizen builds a business, he had better hope he has the protection of the right member, that he does not become too successful, or, that somehow he manages to stay under the radar of predatory members of the house. They can and will just come take the business. The man will still, of course, retain whatever debt he had, but the Saudi Prince who descended on him will take the profits and, most likely, run it in the ground while squeezing as much money from it as he can. (If you want to understand part of the anger in that part of the world, the part that doesn’t directly have to do with the US, there you go).

As you might imagine, there’s going to be some competition among members of the house. Backstabbing.

And there are going to be deals made. Arranged marriages, sometimes among relatives.

Between the environment and inbreeding, not to mention the absolute power and the immense wealth that oil has brought, you are going to get some very depraved and disturbed individuals. Some will be pedophiles, some sociopaths, some both.

And so that, ladies and gents, is where the good ol’ USA, that shining beacon of freedom and goodness, sent kids in order to maintain the favor of a social structure that is the antithesis of what we claim to stand for. Showering the Saudis with gifts, protection, and taking the blame (they systematically teach in schools there that the US is the cause of the average Saudi’s problems) all go into maintaining the close relationship that, for example, is leading to us going to war with Iran (though there are other reasons for that as well, some having to do with Neocon philosophy, some to do with rampant, unbridled war profiteering which now includes as I’ve said many times intelligence and security as well as those things we always thought of as defense). There have also at times been reports or adult slaves (the occasional model gets invited and doesn’t get to leave when she wants, gets raped, and then given enough hush money and, one can just imagine as if one were right there, vague death threats from that piece-of-s*** agency that should have gone the way of the FBN back in the 70s. And so the most horrifying thing your average conservative WASP can imagine this side of re-enacting Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, that is “filthy Muslims raping our white women”, never reaches his ears).

But this was not a one-time deal. No. This was just the time they got caught and as is typical, nothing was done except to change how it was done. That’s right. I’m saying this went on for decades. It would not at all surprise me if it is still going on.

Right. Back to the Satan-worship stuff. This is what is known as a red herring. They leave that around, mix it up, throw out some more rumors, and, voila!, a few or several years later, a conspiracy theory is born. It also tends to scare the investigators and throw them off-track. Religious purposes as opposed to more obvious and powerful financial ones.

This conspiracy theory is that all US politicians are pedophiles (apparently it’s a prereq) and that that is where the kids were going. Really, there’s a whole slew of books dedicated to this preposterous idea. And you can imagine why they chose it, why they developed it the way they did. If all of them are involved, then there’s no sense in trying to bring it to their attention. And, obviously, it would tend to undermine the credibility of anyone who proposed something that ridiculous.

But in reality, blaming the CIA for it also only goes so far. This was about keeping gasoline under $5 a gallon. And is that really so different than sending our troops off, some to die, for the same reason? How many five years olds are worth that? How many people would turn a blind eye to it just over that alone? How many do?

This is capitalism as its worst. It’s not that some other system would manage to avoid this or similar “egg breakage”, but rather that there just isn’t anything to oppose these kinds of decisions.

It’s no different than Eric Holder making the claim that America will be better off sweeping the entire torture situation under the rug. Of course, that just means it will happen again. As long as it isn’t on his watch, who cares? So much for change.

And, really, I wouldn’t so much mind any of it if they didn’t at the same time pretend that this is a nation of laws. It isn’t. If they didn’t pretend they were doing anything to help the average citizen. They aren’t, not really. If they didn’t pretend they gave a damn about the truth. They don’t. If they didn’t pretend to have some kind of hotline to Heaven when they daily destroy and kill their so-called brethren, also supposedly loved by the same God they daily lay some claim to, it might be tolerable. If they had, in truth, the slightest f***ing dirt-clod of the moral high ground, it might be tolerable.

If they didn’t pretend that they haven’t already given up, decided to leave it all for someone else to clean up, just like their predecessors… At least we’d all know where we stand.

22 April 2014 update:

US News archive link at top is dead. See article at this mirror copy:

Also note this Vahey person:

Before teaching in Nicaragua, Dunlap says he taught in London, England; Caracas, Venezuela; Jakarta, Indonesia; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Athens, Greece; Ahwaz and Tehran, Iran; Madrid, Spain, and Beirut, Lebanon.

Dunlap says records show he taught at the Saudi Aramco School in Saudi Arabia from 1980-1992. Saudi Aramco has a division located in the Houston area and Dunlap says children from Texas may have attended that school while their parents worked in Saudi Arabia.

Dead CIA asset?

Vahey killed himself in Luverne, Minnesota, on March 21, two days after a federal court judge in Houston approved a search warrant for a thumb drive Vahey owned that allegedly contained images depicting child sexual assault. It’s unclear why Vahey was in Minnesota.

Ah, yes, Minnesota. Spook retirement capital.

There’s a timeline of where he taught. FBI is looking for help IDing victims.

That is until it becomes an “internal CIA matter.” Again.

Click2Houston, “Houston FBI: One of worst child sex abuse cases ever,” Jace Larson , 22 April 2014:


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  1. […] a US ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He blew the whistle on the fact that the House of Saud had slaves, most disturbingly child sex slaves, and that the US was well aware of this. He seemed to go quite crazy, IIRC. He had blog posts that […]

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